Useless organs in the human body

Useless organs in the human  body

Don’t mind the caption used “useless organs in the body” I don’t know how best to put it. Don’t take my word for it, no organ in the human body is totally useless.

Although some of them which I will list and explain were once considered useless and of no use but the further scientific study has proven otherwise.
Most of the organs found in the human body that was at first considered to be useless have little of usefulness in them. This post will address most of them and various functions they perform in the human body.
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Useless human organs and their functions

Appendix: This is the most popular of them all on the list. Ten years ago, the appendix(cecal appendage) was considered a useless organ in the human body. It was regarded as a waste and an extra work to surgeons since at some point it tends to be removed due to one issue or the other.

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The appendix which is located between the small and large intestine plays no significant role during digestion, rather pose serious treat when infected with appendicitis.

The function of the appendix.
Appendix lately has been regarded as a lymphatic organ producing defenses in the stomach against infection.


Coccyx: This is the ending part of the spine more so known as the tailbone of any vertebrate animals. It was believed we inherited the coccyx from our ancestors who were once apes (Darwin theory of evolution)

Functions of coccyx

It helps to keep the pelvis in place.

During childbirth, it moves back to widen the birth canal. This way, the women have an easy delivery.

The coccyx serves as the insertion point for the ligaments and muscles that make up the pelvic floor, upon which the fecal and urinary continence depends.

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Tonsils are a pair of soft tissue masses located at the rear of the throat. It can also be said to be accumulations of lymphatic tissue in the throat. Not quite long, the tonsil has been perceived as a useless organ without worth or function but further scientific research shows that the human organ Tonsil has some role to play. Generally, the Tonsil has been known to perform a very important defensive role in the body.

Functions of the tonsil

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It protects the human body from bacterial invasion through the airways or digestive tract.

Its presence in the body ensures the proper and optimal functioning of the immune system.

Warning: On a daily basis people get some of these organs removed like the tonsils, appendix, it is not wise as these organs have their functions.

They should only be removed when it is necessary and due.

The male nipples

This male organ which is located on the chest does not produce milk either is it used for breastfeeding a baby. At a glance, this organ is just a useless one but on a second thought, the male nipple is a powerful sexual organ. Most men have been known to be aroused by the nipple.

Final words

The point of every blog post I write is to enlighten you on each topic, and I hope you have learned new things reading this post on Useless organs in the human body. It has always been my pleasure to educate and enlighten you, my dear reader.


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