The most expensive meal right now in Nigeria

The most expensive meal right now in Nigeria

Few days ago a Facebook user by name Okwara Bryan shared an update of a meal that got everyone talking.

I will tag it as the most expensive meal right now in Nigeria

The picture of the meal above as she shared costs a whopping sum of N15000.

Wow!!!! 😱 that’s like a civil servant’s monthly salary.

Well the whole fuzz on the internet is not about the amount but if the food is really worth such exorbitant price .

Here is my own opinion about this whole topic

Great presentation: mere looking at this food you will realise there presentation is in a wavy level. Not like the normal packaging you find at mama Nkechi’s store. Judging from the time spent on such piece of art(food) the price is worth it.


The palatability: One of the properties of good food is palatability. This food has what it takes.

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I give it to the chef that prepared this.

Environment: judging from the picture , where this food is being served is so neat and good looking . So considering this to be one of the factors that adds up to that price right now.


I don’t think the price is too much for this meal , if you have the money so why not go for the best.

That’s my opinion I don’t know 🤔 what you think about this meal kindly share with us in the comment box

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