The best natural ways to cure pimples

The best natural ways to cure pimples

Today we will be discussing the natural ways to cure pimples.

If you meet 30 bloggers asking the major problem they are facing, the majority will say traffic, interviewing 10 Nigerian parents about their problem,6 out of the 10 will say the high cost of rice in the market. The same scenario I witnessed when you come in contact with Nigerians who are conscious of their looks their response will be how best to get rid of these damn cheese balls called pimples.


Today I will be giving out tips on how to get rid of pimples for good from your face.  Grab a bottle of apple smoothie here and read on.

I am no magician, therefore the tips I will be giving will simply base on diet and skin care which will serve as a complement to the other treatments given


You must have come across this popular saying “you are what you eat”. Yes surely you are whatever goes down your throat virtually has a way of affecting the whole body system. Although acne or pimples depends mainly on hereditary and hormonal factors diet also influences the appearance of acne in one way or the other. Details below

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More vitamin A: This particular vitamin popularly know for the role it plays in good eyesight also is needed for the sound functioning of the sebaceous glands in the skin. Good sources of vitamin A include our very own palm oil, carrots, vegetables, mangos, apricots. Other important sources include liver, kidney and fish.

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Eat less sugar and sweets: A diet high in simple sugars such as flours and confectionaries(cakes, biscuits, buns) promote the growth of pimples on the face. The recent study carried out at Melbourne University shows that consumption of whole grains which is rich in fibre and low glycemic index protects against acne.

Eat less fats: There is no scientific proof attached to confirm that diet high in fat causes or promotes acne but from speculations diet high in fat probably from animal promotes acne.
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Eat less cow milk: A study conducted by Harvard University shows that adolescents who consume more cow milk, even if non-fat are at higher risk of suffering acne. The cause may be from the after effect of the milk protein and the hormone residues that bit tends to contain which is present in whole milk as well as non-fat milk.


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Taking good care of the skin and maintain some personal hygiene can prevent acne from surfacing even when is present already. Below are simple skin tips to help key pimples at bay

Do not touch pimples: every one must have heard this thinking is a myth. it is never myth squeezing pimples increases inflammation at the same time spreading infection.

Take it easy with make-up: Greasy make up made with oil closes up the pores where the sebaceous glands come to the surface. This blockage promotes oil build up in the gland resulting to a pimple.

Hot tip: No matter what type of makeup you use, it must be removed at night.

Wash the face regularly: Gently washing the face with a mild soap two or three times daily will surely do the magic. Note with warm or cold water.

Be careful with cosmetics:  For our dear sisters who think looking good is all about using all cosmetic product on the shelf, sorry to disappoint is never anything like that. In case you don’t know Omotola shared her secrets to glowing skin here read up.
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Even if you are to use them all make sure they are oil free and water based. The common term you find on the products that is water-based is non-comedogenic.visit any supermarket and ask around.



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