Natural Treatment for  cold and catarrh

Natural Treatment for  cold and catarrh

The name cold and catarrh alone come as a nightmare to me because things seem to fall apart when I have one. It will interest you to know that cold and catarrh are as a result of infection. Yes, it is true, and the human immune system is solely responsible for the fighting against the infection that eventually overcomes to the viruses responsible for the nose cold and catarrh. At this point, it is assumed you already have the cold and catarrh and no the for prevention, rather intervention.

During this period of cold, the body immune system is responsible for fighting off these viruses that cause cold. This natural and efficient approach will strengthen your immune system to fight off the infection if it has not resulted into pneumonia or asthmatic bronchitis.

Natural and best approach to cold and catarrh

Hydration and adequate rest: infected with a cold you are bound to lose so many waters, and you surely need to replace to keep the balance. I don’t need to stress on water anymore; I made a well-detailed post about water, it benefits and functions here.
Another important thing your immune system needs to stay strong enough to fight off infection is rest.We are down with cold and catarrh I don’t feel like doing any other thing because I felt tired and always stressed with the water gushing out my nose. So all I do is rest, take some days off my work( I don’t have any lol) In case you are wondering what sleep does to your system. Read all about sleep here.

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Take Vitamin C: This approach is as famous as Donald Trump, but I choose to remind you that it still works like magic.Vitamin C intake here will help boost your immune system and get them ready for the big fight again viruses. You can get vitamin C from fruits such as oranges, kiwi, lemons and any citrus family. Supplements can also prove helpful in this situation.

Garlic and onions: Although the smell of garlic irritates some persons you have to sacrifice that for a greater good. Garlic here does the work of immune booster and eliminating viruses. Here is my humble suggestion: If you chew on the garlic and onion kindly use it when cooking.


Carrot and vegetables: Carrots contain beta-carotene are very helpful immune boosters and ensures that the body is in a healthy state.Carrot juice is way better and tastes great; you can add mangos if available too.
Another helpful approach that works too.

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Soak your feet in hot water: this helps decongests the nose and head at the same time free up the nostrils.
Soak your feet in hot water of about 34-40 oC for at least 10 to 15 minutes.
Do this up to 3 times a day.
Smell Onions
First, you have to cut a bulb or two of onion into small pieces.
Put in a small cup or plate and smell.
The essence helps free up the mucus as well as fight off germs that cause disease.

Final words

Today fun on the blog right? We learn something new every day, Today we learned natural ways to take care of our cold and catarrh. All we need now is to put into practice what we have learned. For me am going for the carrot juice first, I don’t know about you.

Go healthy stay happy!!!!!

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