Life-saving first aid skill you need to learn

Life-saving first aid skill you need to learn

It feels so good to have you back here on the blog after a long break and am so excited to kick start again this year with this crucial topic “Life-saving first aid skill you need to learn”

First aid is definitely not a new term to you reading this right now, but let’s remind ourselves what the subject matter is all about one more time. First aid is an emergency treatment given to an injured or ill individual to arrest a situation before the main medical attention is given.

According to reports on dailymail.co.uk up to 1,000 lives, a year could be saved if more people attempted to help victims with simple first aid treatment before main medical treatment gets to them. The above statistics is very shocking, a whopping 1000 lives lost due to lack of basic first aid skill. Well, this post is meant to address this issues and get you informed on which first aid skill to go learn, who knows you will save some lives with this someday.

Life-saving first aid skill

CPR:  This is also known as cardiopulmonary resuscitation is an emergency procedure that combines chest compressions often with artificial ventilation in an effort to manually preserve intact brain function until further measures are taken to restore spontaneous blood circulation and breathing in a person who is in cardiac arrest.


The point behind CPR is to restore and maintain breathing and circulation and to provide oxygen and blood flow to the heart, brain, and other vital organs. CPR is sure one skill you should acquire to save lives.

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Please note: I will be attaching youtube links for each skill as videos will explain these skills better.

Kindly follow this link to youtube to learn how to give CPR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cosVBV96E2g


Heimlich Maneuver:  This is a first aid treatment given to people who are choking. The choking can come from food particles blocking the airways thereby causing serious difficulty in breathing on the victim. Chocking might seem mild to some but it could be fatal if a quick response is not given.

Normally when someone chokes, all we do is to pat the person on the back, but most times that doesn’t count or arrest the situation.  Here is how to perform an effective Heimlich Maneuver Wrap your arms around the person while standing behind and making several swift jabs upward can help dislodge something that has blocked their airway.

Kindly follow this link to youtube to learn how to give Heimlich Maneuver



How to Save Someone Who’s Drowning

This is not necessarily a first aid skill but it is a life-saving skill which I think is worth to be on the list. The first thing that comes to mind when someone is drowning is the hunger to help the person get out of the water. But the question you need to ask is can I swim? How will I drag this drowning person back to the land?

For your own safety and the safety the victim, family doctors recommend this formula:

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Reach, throw, row and go.

Reach: If the person is near the edge of a pool or dock, lie flat on the ground and try to reach the person. Use a tree branch or anything you can get your hands on to reach the victim. If you have to, get in the water and hold onto the pool edge or dock while trying to reach the person

Throw: Throw a safety ring, if available

Row: Get a boat (again, if one’s available)

Go: Swim out as the last resort. Bring a rescue safety ring, towel, or shirt with you so you can tow the person in.

Kindly follow this link to youtube to learn how to Save Someone Who’s Drowning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIl4lgMzBXw


How to Treat Bleeding

There are different kinds of bleeding, from a minor scrape to the most dangerous type, arterial bleeding. In either case, your goal is to stop the bleeding as soon as possible. According to the Mayo Clinic, after washing your hands and putting on gloves (if available; a clean plastic bag could suffice), you should:

Have the person lie down and cover him or her with a blanket. Elevate the site of bleeding.

Remove any obvious dirt or debris from the wound, but leave any large or deeply embedded objects.

Apply continuous pressure with a clean cloth or bandage for at least 20 minutes without looking to see if the bleeding has stopped.

Add more gauze if you need to.

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If the bleeding doesn’t stop, apply pressure to the artery: “Pressure points of the arm are on the inside of the arm just above the elbow and just below the armpit. Pressure points of the leg are just behind the knee and in the groin. Squeeze the main artery in these areas against the bone. Keep your fingers flat. With your other hand, continue to exert pressure on the wound itself.”

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Leave the bandages in place and immobilize the injured body part once the bleeding has stopped.

Kindly follow the link to watch how to stop bleeding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8CYSFgBJiI


Final words

First aid skill is very vital and should be acquired by all to help save lives at any point in time. Take your time to go through the list of skills I mentioned and explained earlier on and also do well to visit the YouTube links to watch practical video for each first aid skill.

Go healthy, Stay happy.



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