How to make carrot oil at home

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How to make carrot oil at home

Carrot oil is one of the natural oil that has been making waves for its effectiveness.

Carrot is one of the major ingredients in most expensive lotions right now, reason being that it contains most of the vitamins (beta carotene ) that helps nourishes the skin.

Going for these lotions in the market might be bank breaking but if you can make the carrot oil at home yourself it will save you a lot.

Ingredients for the carrot oil

Carrots( any desired quantity)




Sunflower seed

Sesame seed(optional)


Step 1: peel and grate the carrots

Wash the carrot thoroughly with clean water.

Peel the back of the carrot with a vegetable peeler.

Grate the rest of the carrot in to fine grains.

Step 2: Place the grades/slashed carrot in a cooker + olive oil then heat

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Note: You can use any oil of your choice(olive,coconut or sesame )

Remember to cover the grated carrot with enough oil as you cook.

Step 3: Heat for like 24/72 hours on low heat.

Heat the carrot and the oil till it turns orange. This method is called infusion method .

Step 4: Extracting the oil through a cheesecloth

Bring done the pot filled with the carrot , pour it through the cheesecloth to separate the oil from the rest of the carrot.

Squeeze the cheesecloth to get the extract and a good amount of oil.

Step 5: Transfer the oil in a container, preferably a glass container and store in a cool place.

When stored well it can last up to 7 to 8 months.

Benefits of carrot oil

Incase you are wondering what you stand to gain from preparing carrot oil at home, well these are the benefits:

It prevents hair loss.

It promotes hair growth.

Your hair shines brighter with carrot oil.

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It makes your hair soft and smooth.

Having read all these about how to make carrot oil at home, I will like you to try it out yourself for personal use and for your family.

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