How to know when to end a relatiosnhip

Today on the blog/vlog we will be discussing how to know when to end a relationship. If you are old enough to be in a relationship, you must have had your experiences good and bad. One thing is certainly not all love story is a romance, some relationships get to a point where you have to call it quits. 

                                                                                                                                 So read on to get tips on:

How to know when to end a relationship

Do you still like your partner: This is one question you need to ask again about your yourself. After so many years of the relationship with your partner, do you still love his/her personality?   It is very natural that after a few years into a relationship, some changes take place.  These changes you might notice are as follows;

  • Becoming more angry or unkind.
  • Losing confidence or a sense of self-worth.                                                                 
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Having experienced these in your relationship, you need to decide if you still love him/her and fit to continue the relationship, if not you have to call it quits.

How much love do you still have: Love is one of the drives in every relationships aside wealth and other stuffs. You should be bold enough to stand and question the status of your relationship when you feel things are not going as you wish. You can have a heart to heart talk with your partner to know if the love is still there.  If there is no more love then, you should consider going your separate ways.

How supportive is your spouse: The reason for relationships is to bring out the best in each other, what are friends for if they don’t support each other.  Evaluate the attitude of your partner towards your work and things you have a passion for. 

How is his/her attitude towards what you do, your career?                                Does he/she support your work and what brings food to the table?          Does he support your family and friends?                                                      These are the little yet powerful evaluation.  Answer these questions it will help you to know when to end a relationship.

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How much love and attention do you get: No matter how busy or  tight your schedule  is, if you love someone you will surely find space to spend quality time with that person you love. If you are in love with someone finding spare time to have fun together won’t be an issue. If he/she isn’t giving you that attention and time you deserve,then you should have a rethink about ending the relationship.

Do you have an abusive partner: Most abuse in relationships come in physical form but other forms of abuse exist too, like emotional abuse. The moment you notice any form of abuse in your relationship, then you need no prophet to tell you to quit that relationship. No relationship is worth your happiness and tears.


Final words   

                                                                                                        These points i made above are enough to teach you how to know when to end a relationship. As earlier stated no relationship is worth your happiness, most especially a toxic relationship. Friendships and relationships are meant to bring our the best in you and not make you worst.  I wish you luck and happiness in your relationships.

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