Ways to take care of your brain that will blow your mind

Every organ in our body needs absolute care, the brain included. Most of the times we forget that our brain needs some care too just like other parts of our body like our pair, our eyes or even other six organs.
How fast have you forgotten that the brain is the power house of all other parts of the body mainly it controls how other parts of the body function. This is the main reason why we need to care for it. “A sickness in the head (Brain) means the disease in all other parts.”

There are ways we can take good care of our brain.
Healthy habits: We have to develop healthy habits such as:

Drinking enough water: The brain contains a lot of water because it requires it for reactions.
A sufficient supply of water by drinking enough is surely the best thing to do. Not drinking enough can cause severe imbalance without you noticing.

How much water is enough?

Eight glasses of water a day is great.Click To Tweet
Get enough sleep: The way you take care of your stomach by giving it food, please do the same to your brain before it gets angry at you. Sleep I will say is the food for the brain. Getting enough sleep helps increase brain function. How do you feel after a long night rest? You feel great right? Exactly sleep resets the brain function to make you alert again.

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Get some fresh air please: Fresh air does not come from air conditions, neither does it come from your ceiling film. Fresh air is from nature found in air or chord, an open field with trees, open space. The air we breathe should be free from air pollutants such as tobacco, smoke, and other air pollutants. Our brain needs air fresh for optimal functioning.


Protect our brain from chemicals: Another proper way we take care of our brains is to avoid certain chemicals that damage the brain. We can protect our brain from these harmful chemicals by doing the below stated.

Stop taking tobacco: It might in-trust you to know that tobacco contains nicotine that narrows the arteries in the brain. This limits the supply to the brain. This same smoke contains radicals that deteriorate the neurones in the brain causing Alzheimer’s disease in smokers. Please stop taking tobacco if you want to care for your brain.

Stay away from drugs: Cocaine, tobacco, alcoholics, heroin, marijuana? All attack the brain attunes, causing the gradual loss of brain function. Stay chest of them if you care so much for that organ.

Eat healthy food: Yet again, here is another way of taking care of your brain. Our brain needs healthy food rich in vitamins and mineral. One of such food the brain like is walnuts.
Walnuts, they contain omega 3 fatty acid that promotes various proper function in the brain. Walnuts improve memory. Read about other foods here.

Physical protection: God almighty in his infinite wisdom he provided us with the first physical protection for our brain giving it the skull. The most protective shield it can get. But I also have to do our best part by giving it our protection.
We can give the brain physical protection in the following ways:

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Avoid blows to the head: for the fact that the skull is there, doesn’t give you the permission to go looking for blows every way. Stop taking heavy blows on your head. Re search shows that others like boxers and soccer player later in life suffer the decrease in brain function. These athletes take blows to their hand, like the boxer. I guess you are not a boxer, so minimise what hits your head.

Spend less time on the phone: radiation from the mobile phone often interfere with brain due element. It has been associated with the brain tumour, although some studies ruled it out. It is advice we avoid them anyway. Explain all for children; they should not spend much time on a phone since their brain tissue is more sensitive.

Final words
When there is sanity at the top, sanity will inevitably spread to other parts. This also applies to our brain, when the brain is healthy, other parts of the body will smile.


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