Foods you should never eat on empty stomach.

Foods you should never eat on empty stomach.

Today’s topic is centred on those foods we should never eat on empty stomach. Nature blessed all foods with numerous nutrients (some essential and some non-essential)
Essential nutrients
• Carbohydrates.
• Proteins.
• Fats.
• Minerals.
• Vitamins.
• fibre.
• Water.

Non essential nutrients
• Alanine.
• Arginine.
• Asparagine.
• Aspartic acid.
• L-Cysteine.
• Glutamic Acid.
• Glutamine.
• Glycine

Back to our topic, foods we eat all contain to an extent these types of nutrients (essential and non-essential) I listed above help nutrients are all good and help nourish the body when we eat foods that contain them. On the other hand there are conditions and times to eat these foods to get their nutrient to the fullest. Some foods if not eaten at the right time could be harmful to the body, and those are the foods we will be highlighting and discussing today.

Below are the foods you should never eat on empty stomach;

Bananas: Don’t be shocked, this is a food that is packed with good nutrients such as magnesium, potassium and fiber. It is also acidic and contains sugar as well. Therefore eating some bananas in the morning or anytime on an empty stomach might do some damage to the linings of your intestine.
Not forgetting the sugary content in a banana can make you feel drowsy when taken on an empty stomach.
Here is a remedy: Try eating the banana with any other food to reduce the acidic effect.


Yogurt: Yogurt is quite a good food, most especially for individuals with lactose intolerance. Commercially produced yoghurts contain a lot of sugar with zero fat, reason some take it for weight loss. The high sugar content of yoghurts might hurt your stomach when you take it without haven eaten any food.
Here is a remedy: If you can’t avoid drinking yoghurt on an empty stomach, then why not take it with pastries like meat pie/fish pie or even cookies.

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Oatmeal: This is more like a delicacy in every household. Especially the instant oatmeal that has been sweetened with sugar, coloring and preservatives. Least I forget oatmeal is very rich in fiber. Taking oatmeal very early in the morning on an empty stomach might not be such a good idea. The sweeteners might be harsh on your intestine.


Raw vegetables: What I mean here is green leafy vegetables. Several times you must have come across articles stating how important and rich vegetables are; yes what you heard or read is very true. Vegetables are rich sources of fibre, calcium, iron, calcium, antioxidants and the rest.
As I mentioned earlier eating some foods on empty might not be that good, in the case of vegetables you might get bloating, and abdominal pain. This is due to the insoluble fibre in vegetables. People with indigestion problems such as constipation should take note.
Here is a remedy: Preheat some vegetable before consumption, low heat, please.

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Citrus fruits: The citrus fruit family is one of those foods you should never eat on empty stomach. The citrus families are as follows: Oranges, lemon, lime and grapefruit. You should not eat them on an empty stomach because they are very acidic in nature and can cause a reaction with the digestive juice leading to irritation, stomach pain or even heartburn. The sugar in citrus is capable of raising the sugar levels in diabetics too.
Here is a remedy: Don’t take any citrus drink first thing in the morning, rather take after or in between meals.

Cold beverages: Cold beverages in the morning have never been a good idea and will never be. Instead, take WARM beverage. It aids easy circulation in the system and relaxation.

Pears:, To be honest, I only had pear twice in my life but this is a good fruit I must tell you that contains potassium, fibre and vitamins. Why you shouldn’t have pears for breakfast is that it contains crude fibre and this is too harsh for an empty stomach. Pear is not that bad, it is low in calories and very good food to lose weight.

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Smoothies: I see nothing wrong with having smoothies for breakfast but it must be taken with some other foods. Why other foods? Smoothies are made of fruits and vegetable most times which means they contain less of calories, fat and protein. Therefore it is not a good idea to take just this on an empty stomach, rather complement with yoghurts and other foods rich in calories.

Final words
I think I have done justice to this topic “foods you should never eat on empty stomach” it is left for you to take action.
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Go healthy, Stay happy.

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