Floyd Mayweather: Food and diet the Champ eats

Floyd Mayweather: Food and diet the Champ eats revealed

Floyd Mayweather the undefeated champ for the 50th time after the win yesterday against McGregor became richer and famous. I am not a great fan of boxing but what draws my attention each time I hear the name Floyd is the fighting spirit, expertise and how he manages to stay in that shape for all the years of his career.I know a lot of work is seriously going on behind the screen to keep him fit, from his fitness trainers to his nutritionist who takes care of his diets.

Aren’t you curious that nutrition and diet contributed its quota to Floyd’s success?

If you aren’t, I am curious about what this young champ of all time eats during his training and even before hitting the stage to fight for the money and the fans. Don’t tell me you don’t know that a boxer needs to reach some weight before a fight.Probably if Floyd Mayweather, his cooks, and his dietitian are not doing some work who know Floyd would have looked like one of these guys.

                   If Floyd was to eat like me


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Enough of the list, I went on rampage to search for foods Floyd eats that makes him do what he does in the ring and here is what I found;

Floyd cook reveals foods he eats.


Chef Quaina Jeffries spoke of how his love of fried hot dogs posed a challenge in preparing his body for a fight. Trying her best to make the meal nutritious, she would add oranges, orange zest, and other spices. “We’re big on juice,” she told the magazine. And a typical juice for Mayweather at the time consisted of pineapples, oranges, strawberries, red peppers, red pears. “I slip in a carrot,” Jeffries confessed. “But I don’t tell him.” Source: http://www.tmz.com

Chef Q reveals what food Floyd eats before a match

Floyd;s former chef Quiana says “the boxer eats anywhere between 3-5 meals a day and his favorite food is Caribbean cuisine. She said he doesn’t consume too many fantastic meals, instead opting for simpler eats like spaghetti, tacos, and ramen.”
“I provide him healthy, consistent meals that are going to better his body and his soul and that is going to feed his soul,” she said. Source: http://www.insideedition.com

How much does Mayweather pay his cook?

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I was shocked to know how far this champ can go to make sure he stays in shape by paying heavily to secure healthy diet. Read what Chef Q said: “Back then, Mayweather used to pay Chef Q $1,000 per plate.
“It doesn’t matter what I’m making. It could be Top Ramen and BBQ hot dogs — $1,000 a plate,” she said. “He overpays me. He pays me what I am worth.”

My thought

I have always known that there is a price one must pay for success, Floyd has paid his and still paying by taking good care of his diet. How about other professionals like musicians footballers, writers, internet marketers, entrepreneurs and even students. The role food play in the human system is so numerous and affects some part of our life. We are what we eat, so why don’t you eat right today.
Go healthy and happy.


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