Doctors warn about wearing sunglasses

Eye doctors warn about wearing sunglasses

This is supposed to be a roundup post with about 10 eye doctors but only these two doctors responded.Shout out to  Dr Larry and Dr Ozy Okonokhuaat Nigerian Optometry Association will be giving you more insight about putting on sunglasses in dark places and other eye care tips.

Over to Dr Ozy Okonokhua:

Sunglasses are meant to shield the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, thus keeping the Cornea and retina away from damage. Sunglasses are used in places where the intensity of light is too much for the user to cope with and is best prescribed by an eye care professional. The sun emits different rays some of which are harmful to sight. The Ultra Violet (UV) rays emitted by the sun are found to be the most harmful to the eyes. All the lenses in a pair of sunglasses are coated with UV rays protection. Patients suffering from photophobia are prescribed sunglasses in order to ensure that only regulated intensity of light gets into the eyes of the user. •

It is not advisable to use sunglasses, especially very dark ones in dark or dimly lit places as this reduces the amount of light they enter the eyes, further reducing the visual acuity of the wearer.Click To Tweet

Then Dr Larry has this to say:


Your Sunshade Maybe Killing Your Eyes.

Most times, we go into the market to purchase sunshades without consulting an expert. We normally think that the sole aim of sun shades is dim the light from the sun; that is a half truth. Sunshades should also protect our eyes from harmful UV rays from the sun, When we buy poor sun shades we end up putting our eyes into severe danger. The earth is constantly bombarded by UV-rays which are very harmful to the eyes… Though sunglasses should block these days from getting into the eyes, Most street side sunshades don’t because they ain’t UV-protective

Let me give you a brief explanation on how these “non-Uv-protective sunshades” is killing your eyes gradually: As everyone knows, when it’s really bright and you are under the sun outdoors you squint(narrowing your palpebral fissure or width of your eye lids) and your pupil constricts too to limit the amount of ambient light and Uv rays entering your eyes, but when we put these UV non protective sunshades, they offer some relief from the ambient light by dimming it, and in doing so lets the full UV light through and because your pupil is not constricted you are exposed to a surge of these VU rays into your eyes, causing much harm to your eyes.

Sunglasses without the Uv protection simply filter out the ambient light(glare) but do not give you any form of protection against Uv rays which could predispose you to various eye conditions that can lead to blindness. Most eye clinics have machines that measure the amount of UV protection a sunshade offers. visit an eye clinic to check that for your sunshades. I will also want to list some complications that will arise from exposure Uv rays

➡ cataract

➡ macular degeneration

➡ pterygium

➡ photokeratitis

➡ ocular melanoma

NOTE: Kids are most predisposed to exposure to these Uv rays because they spend more time outdoors and also they have wider pupils, so they are in dire need of such sun shades… So please try to visit your Eye care provider to confirm if your sunshade is Uv protective and also before you consider buying one.


I hope you all learnt something new today from these two professional, I hope you make use of this valuable information.

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