Diabetes mellitus type 2 might be knocking: Check these signs


Diabetes mellitus has become a house hold name in countries of the world. Even in the United States of America where statistic shows that diabetes accounts for a huge portion of deaths in USA.This makes Diabetes sit at the 7th spot of diseases causing death. Diabetes mellitus is a very sensitive topic, so we will be looking at the signs type 2 diabetes send to announce its arrival.

Diabetes mellitus type 2 occurs when the body can no longer utilize insulin produced by the pancreas properly. This may be due to some reasons (environmental-obesity, inactivity and genetic factors) Insulin is necessary to keep the blood sugar levels within the normal range (<140mg/dl postprandial). Insulin does this by converting the sugar (glucose) to energy. Another side of the story is when the body fails to produce enough insulin to do the conversion.

Diabetes type 2 is very cunning for the fact that one can live with it for years without even knowing. This leads to serious health complications which only early detection can remedy the situation. Below are early warning signs of type 2 diabetes mellitus:

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Insatiable Hunger and Fatigue: When the glucose in the food you eat cannot be converted by insulin in to energy, Fatigue sets in. This makes you feel too tired and even hunger can come in as well.

Sudden Weight loss: Over the Night you start seeing 6 and 7 packs you didn’t work for LOL!!!for the fact that glucose is not converted to energy, the cell gets starved of energy and then weight loss follows.

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Your wound Takes time to heal: You must have heard health workers tell Patient with a wound that he/she needs to stabilize the blood sugar level before the wound can start healing. That is true, increased sugar level inhibits your immune systems ability to function well therefore the rate at which your wound is healed is cut down.

You Urinate Frequently: When Type 2 diabetes mellitus sets in with increased blood sugar level, the body will find a way of fixing this situation by itself. The body produces more urine to fix this. Although during raining season or cold weather you tend to urinate more cause of water is conserved more but when you urinate more than often you should be able to tell.

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Increased thirst: When the blood sugar is high, the body will pull liquids from the tissues. These fluids that the body pulled from the tissues surely need to be replaced. You have no option than to keep drinking water to quench your taste. At this junction some individual with type 2 diabetes mellitus worsens the situation by drinking sugary beverages. Double WAHALA.

Foot pain/Numbness: At some point Diabetes can damage the nerves resulting to numbeness.Sometimes this is just a random sign but go get checked this might be diabetic neuropathy

Blurry Vision: Change in blood sugar level gets the eye muscles upset but with time they adapt. This is why keep finding it hard to focus.

NOTE: people with family history of diabetes, over 40 Africans, pregnant women, people with sedentary lifestyle,obesed individuals ,should take these signs seriously.


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