Apollo is back!!!! all you need to know about pinkeyes

Christmas is around the corner this year over here in Nigeria we are celebrating without hammattan so strange!!!Amidst the MMM saga,Ultimate cycler upgrade and other depressing issuses. No matter what we all need to take care good care of ourselves. This Christmas period comes with its own wahala such as appolo aka Pink eye aka eye fire. Taking a walk down the streets especially this season you must have met a man or woman looking like one eyed Sunday in Macmillan. Ogom my last born interprets that the redness of the eye as you being stingy and I know you all growing up have the same interpretation to such too. Well everyone has his or her own story to tell and here is mine


Conjunctivitis popularly known as pinkeye is an inflammation of the conjunctiva. But what the hell is conjunctiva? Conjunctiva is a very tiny transparent tissue covering the white part of the eye. The earlier made sentence means that anyone with conjunctivitis is bound to have red eyes which totally makes you look like one agbero in surulere.

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The frog doesn’t run in vain there is always a cause for each problem. In the case of conjunctivitis the causes includes :

➡ Allergies like dusts that disturbs the conjunctiva

➡ Viruses

➡ Bacteria

➡  Irritants such as shampoo and chlorine. Getting shampoo into the eye area can lead to pinkeyes. For the chlorine part I guess it explains why your conjunctiva turns pink each time you visit some pool



The bible said by their fruits we shall know them ..yea that your pastor tight there pastor TONY….lol for every swelling you see in the eye region shouldn’t be seen as conjunctivitis. Pinkeyes gives the signs below to announce its arrival.

➡ The eyelids may become swollen like akara balls with some sticky materials on them.

➡ Your vision may become blury due to the massive white sticky discharge on the eyelids.

➡  The eyes produces water more often The eyes becomes more sensitive to light. I guess by now you have a clue of how pinkeyes arrives. On to the next one:

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➡ Wear googles/shades.Since pinkeyes is caused by irritants such as dust it is time to put on that shade. Have you ever asked the question why Olympic athletes put on google while swimming? This is it right here, pools are treated with chlorine so to keep pink eyes at bay they go for googles not what what we see here in Nigeria where people wear shades right side their rooms(This will be story for another post)

➡  Easy with makeups: This is for ladies and men like Bobrisky to be precise.


This is it right here

Heavy makeup on the face is simply an invitation to pinkeye. Take a look at the picture below it explains what happens when this recces ion hot sun hits your makeup. Cleanliness is bea: Keep it all clean especially the water used in washing your face. Also keep your hands as clean as possible.

If you are already looking like one eyed Sunday chill there is still hope for you below is treatments for Appolo Aka Pink eye.

From experience even without applying any medication,within 7-14 days. The pinkeye will disappear.

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My back up: Our tears contains chemicals that wards off bacteria .Read more HERE Second to none treatment as it concerns Apollo is the use of antibiotics such as chromaphenicol an eye drop.


I guess you are well equipped with information on all you need to know about the ripper of fine boy looks Apollo. I hope you will make good use of of it so as to stay happy and healthy this X-mass season.

Compliments of the season 😀 

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