Welcome to Dietherapy247. My name is Anthony chinedum and i am the founder of Dietherapy247 a platform for sharing health and diet tips,health news and tutorials and off course amazing recipes. i started  Dietherapy247 because of my passion in helping friends attain healthy and active living.The zeal i have for health related topics has been there for years now.

With Dietherapy247 i hope to help individuals get informed about their health and at the same time correct some nutritional misconception which has become the order of the day.The tutorial category of this blog is unique and well detailed that a lay man can get to understand and carry out some activities to help himself in the absence of a health worker.

I also share my personal experiences in hospitals and health organization where i work. Dietherapy247 is there to make sure you stay healthy always.

I have been featured on pharmascope magazine,unoburg.com,360thinkers and recently been Nominated as the health writer of the year here in my country.

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