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Sleep is a necessity and not luxury as many sees it. people see sleep as a waste of time therefore regard anyone who wants to get some sleep as lazy and not hardworking hear some friends saw money must be made at all cost, but truth be told dear friends that the amount of sleep you get affects everything about your life, your productivity, emotional balance and even sexual health. Individuals who get enough sleep for themselves have always been known to be


Better at sex

Better drivers

Healthier skin

Free from headaches.

The quality of sleep you get virtually affects every aspect of your life. Sleep is not just when the body shuts down; while you rest your brain stays busy. This prepares you for the next day activities, so when you deprive yourself of sleep then you are headed for a major breakdown. This is very practical, the desktop computer in our homes can work all day quite alright but when the computer system works continuously for a week or two without putting it to rest, definitely the system in no time will crash. The same applies to the human system. Having known the benefits of sleep, the question here is how much sleep should I get, how many hours of sleep is healthy.

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According to the national institute of health every human should sleep for the following hour a day according to their age:


A month 12-18hrs

3 months-1 year=14-15hrs





Adults (above 18) =7-9hrs

For any sleeping hour you miss you can never make up for it, you can’t cheat nature neither can you eat your cake and have it. Are still having issues getting enough sleep? Then Check out this app that can help you with getting enough sleep here.

Finally for some of my readers who snore am sorry to say this no matter how many hours your sleep definitely you are not getting enough sleep. I made a post about how to stop snoring read and get enlightened.



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