Tutorials: How to prepare shortbread at home

Recipe on homemade shortbread

Hello, everyone, I can’t hide my love for homemade foods anymore, I totally love them, because they taste better. So today on the blog we have Sha-bee Cakes N Snacks to take us through the whole process of making shortbread at home.  


300g of flour
80g of icing sugar
200g of butter
5 tablespoon of powder milk


➡ In a bowl combine butter and icing sugar then mix together

➡ Add the sieved flour and powder milk and continue to mix

➡ After mixing together, mold to form a round shape.

➡ Then keep in a fridge to cool for 30-45minutes.Note: do not freeze.

➡ Dust the board with flour and knead, then cut in sizes and shapes of your choice.

➡ Preheat your oven to 5 minutes, grease and place on your baking tray and bake for 12-14 minutes at medium heat.

Image source: short bread

                          Food is ready


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I hope you enjoyed this great recipe from Sha-bee Cakes N Snacks and also find time to practice whatever you learned today. Your children will love you for this.

Go healthy, Stay happy.


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