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Nutrition is the science that interprets the interaction of nutrients and other substances in food about maintenance, growth, reproduction, health, and disease of an organism.
Every sickness as a herb attached to it as an antidote, perhaps, you’d never knew that: before the ever emergence of the hospital or contemporary treatments, there have been sicknesses and cures in the early life of the human. Even in the Early Emergence of man, after the stone age, any form of illness or miraculous accidental events has a way of treating it in the Metal Age; -you know Metal was discovered as an unexpected recovery and interpretation that the hot sun melt a Metal found by by-passers as it was noticed fresh when going but when coming back, it was already bent/melted into another shape… that was how it was discovered- to say, wounds were healed with a piece of hot tube as it is placed on fire and put on the fresh wound, it serves as a soft vapour to the wound, and with time it heals up.
That was ever before the emergence of a hospital. We have different leaves such as bitter leaf and even palm wine which serves as an antidote or a repairer of body tissues.
That is to say, the local things we see every day and the seemingly useless things have their utmost and useful importance to our both old and contemporary society. Natural is an unprocessed, unrefined foods; examples are legumes and whole grains.

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➡  Natural Nutrition As An Absolute Reduction Of Family Hospital Bills.
Many at times, families have this kind of body building natural products around them, but because of their civilization, they desist from the things that are naturally good for the body to things that are artificially right to the body; that is why they treat some things taking a long process instead of using herbs to treat the things using a short and brief process and moment of time.
Bitter things are the best antidote to any abnormalities in the human body. These Natural Nutrition is an uttermost and medically okay cure for different stubborn illness; it reduces a cost of waste resources in the home.

➡ Natural Nutrition As An Absolute Increase In Life Expectancy.
It is, however, important to note that natural things breathe an individual air and everything about them are specially designed by God, that is why you see the trees and leaves around us fresh and glowing in their green natural beauty, no matter the hotness or coldness of the temperature, they breathe naturally and they can survive it; such is the life of man when they make use of these natural nutritional things as a cure and a friend to their health -in case of any health problems.
➡  Natural Nutrition As An Absolute Reduction Of Death Rate.
At times, what heals kills faster when it is misused; that is the theory of the medical scientist especially in a case of abused drug.
Traditionally, a patient that is to use a particular herb won’t take it in excess because it is bitter and sweet to the health, in fact, these natural nutritional things increase the life span of man because physical things die the natural death and not medical or accidental deaths.
To look at it critically, true leaves or trees even when hewn down, burnt and destroyed still survive in most cases because the root still breathes; such is the man when they use this kind of natural nutritional things, it makes them strong and gallant from within.

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➡  Natural Nutrition As A Support To The Vision Of Global Wellness.
When a tree is dying down, and it gets transplanted into a forest in the midst of same trees, the probability for the tree to survive is considerably high, and that is how the life of man is.
When a family uses Natural Nutritional Medications, and the neighbour also uses it, it gets transferred and known globally as a cure and a cause of global healthiness.
When Natural Nutrition treatment medical health weaknesses, it becomes a source of blessing and a source of economic minimization in the cost living.
You know a farmer doesn’t cut down coloured leaves on the trees, but they check the root and correct it from there. Likewise, the vision of Global wellness and healthiness lies from our source of health, which is the Natural Nutrition that we’ve once taken and once forsaken.
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Stay healthy

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