How I made something magical with tomatoes and carrot.

On Monday I shared a post talking about how I enjoyed my Sunday rice with something out of the ordinary. Read the post here in case you missed it here. Well, I became so tired of traditional tomato stew we eat every Sunday and as Igbo boy concern, the ofe akwu too. I love food and am adventurous when it comes to what affects my stomach so I went in search of what could quench my hunger since the traditional stew no longer gives me what I want. Low and behold I stumbled on one this beautiful recipe of tomatoes and carrot stew in Big Aunties house, God bless you Ma, your recipe can heal the sick 😛 Guess what guys I went home and tried it out and something magical came out it.

Guess what guys I went home and tried it out and something magical came out it.

Today I will be sharing the same recipe so you can make something magical too.

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➡ Carrot

➡ Tomatoes.

➡ Onions.

➡ Vegetables.

➡ I tin tomatoes.

➡ Two Maggi cubes.

➡ Salt.

➡ curry leaves.

➡ Fresh pepper

Curry Leaves


Wash your tomatoes,pepper,carrot,curry, vegetables(pumpkin leave and Amaranthus)

Slice the tomatoes into small pieces.

Cut your carrots into small chunks too. Not to small just moderate size.

Slice your onion ball too.

Pound your garlic and ginger( you can skip if you don’t like this)

Pound your pepper and crayfish too.

Pounded pepper with cray fish and vegetables

Make sure your meat or fish has been boiled and garnished already with small water left in it.

Move to the next stage.

Pour all your sliced tomatoes into your desires pot and boil for 10 minutes.

Add your sliced carrot into the pot filled with tomatoes and cook for another 20 minutes.

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Add your sliced onion

                       Sliced onion.

Pour the water from the boiled meat and fish.

Add your spices( mine is maggi and salt)

Add your the tin tomatoes and stir.

Then add your grounded pepper and crayfish + groundnut oil stir and boil for 3 minutes.

Finally, add your sliced vegetable stir and……….


     A hand of applause for me, please.

Food is ready.

Health benefits of this meal

Carrot: My dear carrot will ensure that you have bright and healthy eyes. Also, makes sure your skin glows like omotola’s skin.

Fresh tomatoes: How do you feel when you hear that tomatoes are good source iron. Yes, my dear, I feel like Floyd Mayweather. Iron from tomatoes is perfect for the human blood.Also, it purifies your blood.

Fresh vegetables: The best antioxidants I know.

Please enjoy the meal with Nigerian rice prepared with the fear of God Biko Kwa 😛 .

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