Letter to all Internet marketers and freelancers.


Dear Imer,

I write this because you motivate me when I see you I see hope, am marveled by how you strive to make a change, how you try so hard to earn an honest living notwithstanding the state of our economy. You have all it takes to take the yahoo world and beat these yahoo boys to their face but you choose the honest way, a way that brings change and peace of mind.

When I ponder on what Onyedikachi the kabieyisi and Patrick Ogidi is doing with importation I fall in love with jumia, I peek through my window and see Sunday Adesanya driving past my street I simply can’t hold myself but dance to the FLP music, not to talk of the 4 minutes I spend each day on maverickexcel.com makes me feel on top of the world. When I feel stressed and need to relax I pick up my phone and log on to Victor Chiokes’ controversial peoplesgist to laugh and identify with so many success stories the IMers world has recorded so far, from clement Ogudu’s house warming party to Idara Okon and his scam brothers to Nicholas the TBC 1 effort to sanitize the industry.

I admire your doggedness even after all the heartbreak caused by scammers, Google Adsense banning, low sales on Fiverr, PayPal restrictions, payonerr ID wahala and ROI failures you still move on and excel no wonder it is said that one is not a true entrepreneur until you lose everything and build from the scratch and still succeed. Nigerian Imers you all are true entrepreneurs I have seen likes of Francis Donvin do it and I know he will do this again.

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Since you work from home including your daddy president Buhari, you have neglected the most vital part of human life “Health” You sit all day in front of your computer system trying to make ends meet and forget to exercise once in a while, this you do almost every day, drink all sort of Ribena and beer and sit one place without any effort to burn fat. You easily flaunt you bottles of Rozay and Moet on social media but have not seen one single day you flaunt my dear fruits and vegetable or are they not worth flaunting? Have you forgotten that you are what you eat?

Since some of us have arrived driving expensive cars you can’t walk on foot again, even the shortest distance my grandma can cover you prefer driving down, how fast you forgot that taking a walk can be the only time you get to exercise since you have limited time. Why can’t you emulate people like mark the Facebook CEO, who in spite of his busy schedule still find time to jog a mile each day or Oscar mini the only Imer with six-packs.

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The hustle has blinded your eyes that you don’t even take care of your health again, I am afraid to tell you this most times, but you are arrogant and might shun me because I am a newbie and not in a position to talk to you. I don’t want to lose you so no matter how hard this might seem for me I will have to break the news. Because money must be made you choose to fry your balls with radiations from your PC and never cared to buy the cheapest tool that can protect you, a table.

It hurts me the most when I see your updates on facebook boasting how you are still awake by 2 am when you should be getting enough sleep. I wonder when sleeping late at night has turned to something to be celebrated, honestly, these things crush my heart when I know that your productivity the next day will be affected because of your ignorance. Yes, money must be made but it mustn’t be at the expense of your health. What happened to do list, what happened to proper planning or can’t we just live life like ordinary people and not some aliens from Pluto as Solly claims?

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I will be the happiest man on earth to wake up one morning and see Imers in one state having a jogging session together or even heading to the hospital as one family for checkups or do you think that marks that jogged alongside like minds on Lagos mainland bridge have no reason for that?

I will be grateful if you, my dear IMER will put to work all I have said, hope to hear from you soon

Yours faithfully

Anthony Chinedum

Founder www.dietherapy247.com




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