Meet Dubai’s best Dietitian: All you need to know about her

I don’t fail to appretiate  individuals who have distinguished their selves in a very special way to see that others get healthy through quality information they offer. Today my appreciation and Birthday wishes goes to Nitya Hullur  as she celebrates her birthday today. Last time she was on the blog she gave all in explaining what Diabetes is all about read her amazing piece here


Nitya Hullur – a registered nutritionist based in Dubai but currently resides in Nigeria.

Her has got amzing view about food which will also got you thinking  “your food doesn’t lie. It reflects clearly on your face, body and skin – just like a mirror”

She is deeply interested in understanding the dynamics of food, human body and the mind. She had her BSC in Nutrition and Masters in Global Health  which allowed her to build a broader perspective on how simple, local food can impact your health positively.

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Through the years shehave stayed both in India and Nigeria – Staying in these two countries has been her source of inspiration for my blog.

Nitlay hullur


She wishes to attempt  reaching out to masses to make simple food alterations by bringing back local foods to have a healthier nutritional profile in a minimum budget possible.


Shebelieves healthy eating is not about counting calories, that you have to go beyond it- wise food choices, healthy cooking techniques, regular timings and loads of body conditioning.

She also strongly belives that one can eat healthy no matter how much you have in your pocket.


Her publications on Bella naija is currently trending have Fun reading it. HERE for great local recipes made and incorporated with a twist. For diet counselling write her on

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Happy birthday Dear have fun. 😀  😀  😀 

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