A visit to fruits and vegetable stores

The festive period is gradually fading away,those that borrowed money to spend during this period shows kindly start planning to pay back or run away.to a far away land to avoid stories that touch the heart. I enjoyed the x-mass period with old friends i have not seen in years and also enemies too. I took my siblings out to nice places like MR- BIGGS mama iyabo shop and many more.

The huge number of young persons i met at shop rite MR- BIGGS and other fast food joints got me thinking if there is any one of them visiting the nature power houses (fruit and vegetable stores) we have at all. To satisfy my curiosity, I decided to visit couples of fruit stores in Owerri and environs.


➡ I wanted to know if truly Nigerians care for their health by eating more of fruits this season instead of pizza, rice chicken barbecue, shawrma and the rest.

➡ I also wanted to know category of persons those fruit stores get as customers.

➡ my curiosity was also about when is the best time to get fruits and vegetables.

Fruit and vegetable stores I visited: Owerri Shoprite fruit and vegetable stores, Divine fruit stores opposite orchid pharmacy Owerri (established 2008)


focus on the fruits

Focus on the fruits


I got to know from the store manager that this December they recorded much sales unlike other years. More so the store gets more sales in December and January period more than any other season. Dry season is the period when you can get any fruit you need in abundance contrary to what I was thinking and I know you might be thinking the same too. So if you need any fruit or vegetable like our own multipurpose CUCUMBER , dry season is definitely the time to get them so try visiting one before the scarcity sets in and price hike begin.

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It gladdens my heart to know that at least amidst the shopping experience, fun and drinking this period some Nigerians still find it worthy to visit a fruit store to grab some fruits and vegetable. i hope you are one of them?

I couldn't resist the temptation. So I had to buy one.

I couldn’t resist the temptation. So I had to buy one.


I hate to be a bringer of bad news, but no matter how bitter the truth sounds it must be told. I got to know from the store manager that the majority of Nigerians that visited the stores are mostly married men and women and senior citizens (Old people) 😥 


What this means is that young people care less about their health and what they eat.

I am a typical African child, I grew up in the village yes am not ashamed to say that  😛 and also spent half of my life in the city so i am certified by nature talk about Africa and Nigeria to be precise .

A typical African youth believes that what he or she eats doesn’t matter as long as she/she is still young that he will get to be conscious of what he eats when he gets older, if i don’t enjoy life in my youth is it when i get old i will do that? This is the main reason why most of us can proudly gulp down 6 bottles of shoulder and wants a Grammy for it. Same reason some girls will proudly beat their chest and say my own African salad is local that they prefer pizza 😡  there is God ooo.

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if fruit and vegetables don’t appear at least 4 times on your dinning table, then let me ask where the hell do you get your Vitamins and minerals from?

Where will you get Vitamins C that will help heal your wounds when you get injured?

Where will you get Vitamins A that will keep your skin as smooth as possible or you think the bleaching cream will give you that, how on earth do you want to have bright eyes or you want to depend on contact lens all your life?

Where will you get potassium to keep your blood pressure in check?

Where do you plan on getting your strong teeth without calcium or your think Gold grills will save you?

How on earth do you want to spend less time in the toilet without your fibre?

How on earth do you want to lose weight where you don’t have your fruits and vegetable?

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Let’s tell ourselves the truth if you depend on already made products you find in Shoprite and some grocery stores for vitamins and minerals you are far from it. Nature is the best source of vitamins and mineral go grab some in fruit stores around.

This is simply a wake up call for the youths try to at least include fruits and vegetables to what you eat a week it helps a lot.

waitoooo some people think my results are not correct!!!

Be honest, tell me when last you bought fruit and vegetable and what type using the comment box



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