Health reasons why Mark Zuckerberg was seen jogging on Lagos mainland Bridge



The definition of exercise will give you an insight of what you are about to read.

What is exercise?

It is activity requiring physical effort, carried out for a specific purpose.

It is any movement that works your body at greater intensity than your usual level of daily activity.

Recently it was in the news that the world richest man mark Zuckerberg who also happens to be the founder of Facebook was seen on the Lagos mainland bridge jogging without security guard. This gesture is so uncommon among Nigerians considering his status.Some say it a waste of time while some see the gesture as total showoff,well the truth is this Mark surely knows what he wants.

The below reasons are why you saw mark jogging down Lagos mainland bridge and I hope you join him when next he visits

Mark knows exercise can help control his weight

One thing exercise does is to control weight gain as well as weight loss.The more exercise you engage in the more calories you burn. This is the main reason why Oga mark has that lekpa shape despite his wealth and not looking like one Alhaji in sululere with pot belle. Do you want to keep your weight in check? Then a simple gesture like mark’s,take the stairs not the elevator ,buy a skipping rope or walk down the street or even jog just like mark.

Mark knows exercise keeps him away from sick bed

Ever wondered why mark have not been in the news for any health issue? The reason is this,mark jogs for a mile everyday. Yeh you heard me right!! World 6th richest man has set a challenge to jog 365 miles per year,this means he jogs a mile a day.This indirectly has kept heart disease such as hypertension,diabetes ,arthritis and co at bay.Exercise keeps the blood flowing smoothly,so why not give it a try today,.It works like kilode.

Exercise keeps mark smiling

Exercise improves one’s mood.It stimulates the brain chemicals that mat leave you feeling happy and relaxed.This is the main reason mark smiles like close up ambassador in all his pictures.if you doubt me pick up and google this.Exercise improves self esteem and boosts confidence.Mark understands this and he keeps fit by jogging.

Exercise helps mark socialize and connect

One of the main reasons why Facebook was established is to connect people.Mark did not only see that in Facebook he saw that potential in exercise too.That is why you see mark jogging with people of that nation whenever he visits.Exercise as a physical activity is fun and also a wonderful platform for families an friend to connect. The bond exercising with a families and friend creates are so intense.Family that exercise together stays healthy together.

Mark knows exercise improves brain function

It is no news that Facebook worth billions of dollars .The amazing thing is that the company is built by one man a full fledged father.running such a big company demands a lot and mark understand s that apart from medical care services he needs that brain booster for optimal function and performance as Jagaban he goes jogging. Exercise for the records increases blood flow and oxygen levels which indirectly boost concentration levels and thereafter preventing Alzheimer. So for Nigerian music artiste that is still single at 50 because you want to focus on your career,mark is both a father and world biggest/youngest CEO and still has a career why not jog with mark and increase your level of concentration abeg.

Mark is smart

Mark is intelligent

Mark jogs and exercises daily

Mark is healthy and fit

Be like mark

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