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Wiki tells me that frequently asked questions are listed questions and answers, all suppose to be commonly asked in some context and pertaining to a particular topic. I have no other context than what concerns healthy living. Therefore today I will be providing answers to most questions I found on forums such as, and ones sent in by my dear readers.

I guess you are itching to see your questions answered so why not grab a cup of apple smoothie and read on.


Q: Between Raw salt and cooked salt which is healthier?

A: I know you must have seen one uncle or there other spraying table salt over his food, you keep wondering is it healthy to do that? Well the answer is simple: Raw or cooked salt is still salt this is because salt is a stable substance therefore does not undergo any change even after being heated, you still get the same amount of sodium you get.



Salt is hydrophilic it draws out the water content of the food as well as the flavor. This is to say that food with cooked salt taste better.

Q: What is the best sleeping position?

A: I made a post on how to stop snoring here. The best sleeping position lying on your side .This is the best as your tongues will be relaxed well enough not to block the air passage. lying on your side is the best position trust me.

Q: What food helps improve sperm count in men?

A: Foods rich in vitamin D will surely help in raising the testosterone level. foods such as the egg yolk, liver of fish and oil extract from fish, organ meat is extremely rich in vitamin D.


I can say that food alone is not enough to increase sperm count as there are many causes of low sperm count. Age and illness are part of the know contributor others can only be discovered if you go for a laboratory test or visit the hospital for check up.

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Q: Can the fabric of a man’s underwear influence his fertility?

Definitely yes the type of the fabric the under wear is made of can influence the level of fertility. Such fabric like nylon generate heat down there. Ask any man around they will tell is best when your underwear is made of cotton. Calvein Klein won’t be bad. Get one here.

Q: When should I wash my vegetables?

Vegetables like fluted pumpkin or Ugu as is called in Igbo are meant to be washed before it is cut and not wash after cutting as most of us do. REASON Green vegetables contain photochemical (suloraphane and isothiocyanates) which is in the green colouring of the leaf, huge portion of these photochemical in the process of washing after cutting is lost.


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