Nigerian Facebook users shares their favourite foods

No doubt people from this part of the world love food so much.This love is not just like anyone you find in developed world.Who else will say no to delicious babies like the Ora soup,our dear baby jellof rice,the ever shinning affang soup in collaboration with baba ijebu Garri unless you are a food hater. 

So today i decided to clear my curiosity and hear from the people “what that particular Nigerian Food they can”t do without”. i paid a visit to Nigerians on world largest social network Facebook and here is their responses


Ok here it goes:

I can’t do without beans and plantain (my favourite) 🙂

Then serious fufu and thick bitter leaf soup!

I no too like garri o, makes my stomach big (bloat) lol.

Umm. Rice too I guess [stew, jellof, ofe akwu].

I think that’s it for me, oh and abacha + fish head too (I love it).

If I remember another one I’ll sure tell 🙂

Nutrition note: Deon nice choice i want to let you know that beans also contains iron,so fire on. More blood for ya.

Lilian Daniel

TRY “GARO GARO”( local beans and rice with pure groundnut oil and pepper) WITH FRESH VEGETABLE SALAD . U WILL CERTAINLY ASK FOR MORE LIKE OLIVER TWIST

Nutrition note: Lilian nice to know you are a great fan of vegetables.i want to let you know that with vegetables in your meal sickness is far away from you.they contains antioxidants.

Emmanuel Elochukwu Oscar

Well, I can’t do without my Akpu, And Egusi Soup, Abacha and others.

Nutrition note: Mr elite that akpu is for real men oooo. You have got the energy all the way.

Muonago Samuel Odira

  • 😂😂😂
  • Soaked Garri

Then I love Fufu and Onugbu Soup

  • Nutrition note: Samuel i swear soaked garri is my favourite too + mama iyabo groundnut
    Obinna Asiegbu

    Obinna Asiegbu

    Bitterleaf soup and”akpu”

    Nutrition note: apku will give you the stenght and energy you need to blog more.


Ben Johnpaul

Ben Johnpaul

Beans and plantain oo u understand nah. Juniorate things.

I love swallow cos it gives carbohydrate which serves like energy

It also Blocks enough stomach space so I don’t go hungry again within a short time 😉


Korede Awofuwa

Korede Awofuwa

That food I can’t do without is simply rice… always there to keep me working and I can get it easily whether cooked myself or bought from a mama put

Nutrition note: Mr rice is pretty nice but it contains 90% starch with low protein so i suggest you add a little beans when enjoying one to balance things up. Fruits too won’t be bad.


Azeez Olanlokun Leo

I don’t av a favorite… Any nice, good taste, awesome delicacy is up for me… Except dishes that have egg in them, because I am allergic to egg.

Nutrition note: Mr leo good to know you are allergic to egg,well egg contains 14 vitamins,12 minerals and only lacking in vitamin C.Therefore i advise you go more for vegetables in other to meet up with ones you miss in eggs. 


Chichi Isioma

Chichi Isioma

Rice. …jollof,white,fried..anyone.


MacDonald Ibegbuna

MacDonald Ibegbuna

Rice Nd beans ooo…straight up…

Nutrition note: Baba mili the iron man. i hope the protein in beans gets you all fresh and tall.


Johnnie Ode
I no like food
I dont feed
Buh i love jollof rice 😀
Promise Excel
OVER ripe plantain and beans are foods I can’t do without for a month. Underline, OVER ripe… Lol
Nutrition note: No wonder you look so fresh,beans surely doing the job as for your overripe plantain it supplies you with enough Vitamin A you need for your eyes. I am sure you have them bright eyes.
Oje Unuigboje
Pounded yam and Ogbono soup
Nutrition note: Oje your dear pouded yam contains fiber this is to say visiting the toilet won’t be a problem. fine on.
Ejiofor Emmanuel Blaze
bros u don thirst LOCALLY prepared OHA soup with pounded yam.
thirst it and see, am a living witness.
Nicole Sandy Jennifer
Plantain porridge with smoke fish
Anyakee Onyinye
I like yam and egg sauce
Nutrition note: Onyi i want to let you know that  14 vitamins,12 minerals got your back as far as egg sauce is concern.
Diogo Oraz
Rice nd ofe akwu
Okenwa Paul
Garri with small ororo con add am milk and sugar, try it and feel d great taste
Nutrition note: Did you just say ororo garri? bro you rock.#teamgarri
Kelvin Paradigm
Mine is ukwa aka breadfruit


Alexandrina Oguadimma
Nutrition note: Goodnews!!! bread fruit contains more vitamin C than bananas.More grease to your immune system. #nosickness
Lol…ok bro. Mine is ”Rice and Stew” I cannot stay without that meal for more than 3 days 🙂 ahahahahah
Nutrition note: No wonder has been have got the energy.#rice.
Well there you have it. Mine it is Garri and ground nut with mama iyabo groundnut

Promise excel here is the mama iyabo you asked of, from who i buy my groundnut


I know you are not Osama bin laden,so share or comment on this post joor 😀 

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