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At the mention of the name CHOLESTEROL what comes to mind first is BAD for the health. Yea we all once had that in mind but is high time we got things right. Cholesterol is not so bad as we all thought at first but it is as dangerous as having little or no antioxidant in the blood, when in high amount.


Twenty five percent (25%) of the cholesterol circulating in the blood comes from food. The rest 75% is produced by the liver: if only we can control the above mentioned 25% towards the aspect voola. we re good to go.

➡ Cholesterol is harmful for the arteries when it is in high amount and the blood has low amount of antioxidants to counter its effects.

➡ Reducing the cholesterol level doesn’t automatically reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It works best when reducing cholesterol level is combined with increased intake of foods that contains antioxidants. So get this straight now, you don’t get green card or thumbs up from other cardiovascular diseases just because you have low cholesterol level. Get ready for diversifying your diet by making sure you meal contains foods like nuts and seeds, fruits like oranges, red grapes and most importantly vegetables.

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➡ Having excessively low cholesterol promotes depression and lethargy the question here now is how much is too little and how much is excess? Well the American heart association recommends that 60mg/dl for good HDL cholesterol and under 130mg/dl cholesterol totaling under 200mg/dl. What this means is that any value more than 240mg/dl is way t0o much and dangerous to health.


Hot tip: The easiest way to tell the above mentioned number is go for a cholesterol test in a hospital or medical laboratory.

In a situation where there are no antioxidants, cholesterol can get oxidized causing serious damage to the artery therefore it is necessary and important you get checked at least once in a month to know when the value is way above normal.

In addition to getting checked once in a month, as the nature ambassador I deem it fit that you get familiar with foods that help control cholesterol level.


Walnuts: I love walnuts so much, they are so crunchy. They reduce cholesterol and protect the human arteries due to its antioxidant content.

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Red grape juice: The juice I mean here is quite different from one you see in Shoprite. The juice is made from the raw material no synthetic processes involved. Just get a grape fruit peel the back and extract the juice.


Flaxseed: This seed is not common around this part of the world but the picture above will help.

Garlic: I know it has this irritating smell for some but trust me it does the magic.


Cholesterol be it good or bad has its role to play in the human body therefore matters concerning it should be taken serious. Matters such as getting checked once in a month and diversifying your diet will ensure we all have a healthy and active life.

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