How to care for the penis

Time without number i have come across piece of writing about the care of female sex organs such as the breast and the vagina hardly did i see such like care for the male sex organs. So today am going to be sharing some tips on how to care for the penis.This is meant for both sex,not just for the men,but also for that lady that wants to see his man happy.

Taking care of the penis entails all about personal hygiene and cleanliness, you never can tell if you have the next president in thereĀ šŸ˜€


āž”Ā A clean penis is very important, so wash your penis with warm water at least twice a day. Clean the scrotum and under the penis shaft gently and scrub your scrotal sack too.Take this gently so as not to crush the two beans ball down there.

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āž”Ā  Leaving too much hair around the penis is not cool. During sex,the hair can cause cuts on the vaginal organs and condom. Also, hair around the base of the penis can be breeding ground for boils and cause bad odour so shave or keep it short and clean.Common how much is Gillette shaving bic that you can’t afford. Here is a little secret hairs down there is a turn off for some women

āž”Ā  Many guys wear one boxer for a whole week or even a month haba bros is that your dress code?Ā šŸ˜„Ā  For the sake of your wife and beaĀ šŸ˜³Ā  please change your boxers everyday.

āž” This one is from the nutrition ambassador. Mind what you eat, because virtually every food that goes down your throat has in one way or another affect your penis health.Poor diet has a hand in poor erection.The penis just like any other body parts needs good nutrition to stay in shape.for example having a diet high in saturated fat meakes the arteries of the penis loose their elasticity.This i term humbled penis just like the sagged breast.

Hot tip: Foods high in saturated fat includes palm oil,coconut,butter,chocolate,cheese,cream,pepperoni

āž” Stop making up your penis with powder and perfume for crying out loud it is not a human face.Application of powder and perfume can cause serious irritation down there,one thing leads to another. More so the human penis do not need deodorants to smell nice all it needs is daily care by washing it thoroughly.

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āž” Mind the type of boxer you wear.The fabric of a man’s underwear influences his fertility.Such fabrics such as nylon can generate heat down there.Don’t go about wearing swimming trunks about just like the Olympics athletes.Under wear made of cotton won’t be bad you can get one at a cheaper rate here

Final words

For uncircumcised men, please pull back the the foreskin and wash underneath with warm water everyday. Always remember, a clean penis is mightier than Goliath sword.Ā šŸ˜€Ā  so take care of it so well.

I know you are not Osama bin laden,so share or comment on this post joorĀ šŸ˜€Ā 


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