How to spot fake Alcoholic Drinks

On 24/08/2016 NAFDAC shared an information stating that fake alcoholic drinks are in circulation and Nigerians should stay alert without even giving a clue of how to spot a fake drink when we see one.i even saw it on bella naija here:as am also a big fan. After reading the news on your blog i saw the nesw on linda ikeji blog again this time,peoples comment were asking for how to spot a fake drink when they see one.This particular comments prompted me in writing this post: HOW TO SPOT FAKE ALCOHOLIC DRINKS IN NIGERIA

The national Agency for food and drugs Administration and  control(NAFDAC) has alerted Nigerians of fake alcoholic drinks, especially dry gin in circulation. Director of special duties Abubakar Jimoh made this statement as to alert consumers of the current situation at hand. He went further to state that drinking alcohol is bad enough but the danger of taking a fake alcohol is way much more.

This is good news to be as this shows at least NAFDAC is functional but these comments of some readers on a popular Nigerian blog got me thinking otherwise. Check out the comments below

The above comments you saw in the above pictures speaks the mind of many Nigerians, is good thing NAFDAC alerts us of the circulation of these fake alcoholic drinks “but” they should have done more research to bring in full the names of those drinks and their manufacturers. Waitoooooo let’s be realistic here can NAFDAC really publish those names? For me I think that is vision 2020 so must we wait till we see their list of fake alcoholic drinks before we commence drinking our origin, bullet, Seaman and co.

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I don’t think Nigerians can wait for NAFDAC’s list before we can start drinking again, that’s mission impossible you can ask that you neighbor, the druken master or ask my friend Tom Fx. So since we can’t wait for their how do we get to know fake alcoholic drinks? I got your back; today I will be pointing out ways to spot fake alcoholics drinks. Enjoy the tips 


Fake bottles: I will say fake bottles, fake alcohol. This is definitely the first on my list on how to spot fake alcohol drinks. The difference is always clear between fake and the original bottle when next you buy a bottle of that your favourite brand check for anything more than the ordinary on the bottle. I have been a consumer of coca cola drink since birth so when there is a change in the shape of the bottle I will surely know. If the original bottle of seaman is thick and I get one that is made of rubber, my brother run for your life.

No label: Every original brand has one particular label or the order. These labels are situated at a specific point of the bottles either at the top or the middle of the bottle. The positions of these labels are so exact because they are carried out by machines, therefore anytime you pick up a drink and you notice a difference in the positions of the label. Use your head here. Still on the label, a piece of writing sits on each label, therefore look out for mistakes in spelling too.

Level of the drink: This is usually the first think you notice when you buy a drink. The level where the liquid filled the bottle. Normally alcoholic drinks are not filled to the brime; there is a space at the top of the bottle. The filling of these bottles with drinks are done with the help of machines so everything seems perfect unless there is a loop hole from the quality control unit of the company. Whenever you notice a change in the level of the contents of an alcoholic product, this shows that something is fishy.

Foul smell: Smell here doesn’t necessarily mean bad it could be pleasant or unpleasant too. The smell of an original alcoholic drink is quite different from that of fake. Imagine when you pick up a bottle of origin and you perceive Guinness stout mehnnn you need no prophet to tell you that something is wrong. Therefore when next you want to grab a drink be sure enough that the smell you perceive is what is used to be. Fake drinks smell different from the original a times, a popular saying even confirmed this that “photocopy can never be like the original”

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The colour: Bryant who made a comment on the popular blog asking how will one spot fake drinks, here it is now. The colour of original alcoholic drink differentiates it from the fake, although most times the manufactures of these fake products can be so sharp and smart to be close to the colour of the original but if you put your eyes to the ground, you will find a difference in colour. In addition to the colour is the taste of the drink. If the drink you are taking seems to taste different from what you used to have, run for your life.

The pop sound: this is common among the wines. The pop sound you hear when you remove the cork that covers the wine is a sign of quality and originality of such product. Fake wines normally don’t make this sound. Furthermore the material and the manner wines are corked shows originality. A typical example is corks made of wood are 80% over ones made of rubber corks.

I already made the points is now left for you to shine your eyes when grabbing that bottle of beer. To my guys that loves alcohol like gala ride on because is got some health benefits too. Read here but say no to excessive intake as it will not do you any good. Drink responsibly!!!!

Stay healthy


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