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Tattoos are fast becoming fashion trends among our celebrities and individuals as well.I am a lover of tattoos although I don’t have one on my body but seeing one that is inked professionally makes me want to get one not the type of tattoo in the picture below.

worst tattoos

Is this a tattoo or a scar?


Should I call the scar from a cane stroke by my principal a tattoo? Any one join so far as there is a scar there. Enough about me already lets go straight to the topic.


A tattoo is a punctured wound ,made deep in your skin,that is filled with ink.It is made by penetrating your skin with a needle and injecting ink into the area,usually creating some sort of design.What makes tattoos long lasting and permanent is they are so deep,the ink is injected into the dermis,which is the second deeper layer of the skin.

Ouch the above definition hurts


Image soure:tattoospedia


Tattoos looks great and good most times but before getting one just read the risk associated with owning one.Don’t just do things cos you see others do

 ➡ Allergic Reactions on the skin: the dyes used during the inking can fetch you a skin reaction around that area where you have the tattoo. The reaction can continue even years after getting a tattoo.

 ➡ Skin Infection: Been to tattoo houses where from year to year they make use of few inking needle.When  an infected is inked with a particular needle without proper sterilizing,definitely the next person to make use of that needle will get infected with such skin infection.This one is sure like Naira bet games 😀 .

 ➡ Blood borne diseases: Any Blood  borne disease such a s hepatitis B and C, brucellosis etc can be yours if the equipments used is contaminated with infected blood.

 ➡ Say Goodbye to Blood Donation: Ever wondered why Christiano Ronaldo does not have any tattoo? Here is why because he donates blood twice a year. Any one with tattoo on his/her body can never donate blood in most countries no ,matter how bad you want to help that special someone you can’t if you have tats on your body.


 ➡ Limits your choices of professions: The part of the world am from,once you have tats in any visible part of your body,forget anything corporate job or white collar job. If you are not your own boss just like Dovin the popular blogger,sorry nothing for you. The fact that you have tats don’t bother looking for jobs in the finance,media,marketing,hospitality and health sector.

 ➡ No going Back: Tarnia Barbe said one of the biggest disadvantages of getting a tattoo is trying to get rid of it when you change your mind. It is a scenario of point of no return.Once a tattoo owner always a tattoo owner. Let me ask how sure are you that in the next five years you will still love that tattoo of yours,I have got a couple of niggas here in Owerri who go on long sleeve all day just to cover up their tats. You spend 4 bucks in getting a tattoo but will spend ten times of that amount trying to clean it if at all that is possible. Are you sure you wanna do this? The decision is yours to make.

 ➡ No condition is Permanent: I remember those days when an apple cost much more than Tomatoes now what happens,tomatoes are now assets.The same applies to that tattoos of yours in your younger days they look fly but late fifties when your skin begins to sag mehn the site is appalling.

 ➡ You have no second chance for first impression: They say that first impression matters,in the world we live in the first impression on with tattoos creates is not encouraging as people see you as a rogue,irresponsible and unserious with life. Well those are not trues as one of the nicest humans you can meet all have tattoos on them.This story here will convince you.


Well everything that has disadvantages will surely have some atom of goodness in it and tattoos are not left out;Check the advantages that comes with tattoos:

 ➡ One is being able to express yourself through beautiful, exquisite artwork just as Donvin has.

 ➡ There are some people who get a very discrete tattoo in memory or honor of someone that’s gone.  Something that has meaning beyond art.


The truth still remains tattoos have come to stay as a fashion trend,the big question is before getting one are you ready to face the good,bad and the ugly that comes with owning one.The choice is yours to make. As for me I love tattoos but can’t get one don’t just ask me why?

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