Please Nominate me as the “HEALTH WRITER OF THE YEAR”

The Prestigious Nigerian Writers Awards (NWA) 2017 nomination is on. It is a platform organized to reward excellence, celebrate Nigerian Writers of different genres, encourage and create a synergy between budding and established writers in Nigeria. It is the first of its kind awards to reward writers of different genres and writers’ supportive brands.

I am contesting for “Health writer of the year “ in my country. Please I need all your maximum support. The support I received from you my readers are so enormous, most especially your comments on each post I make and I appreciate and again I beckon on you this time to put hands together so we win this award together.

Do you think the health tips and articles I write inspire you?

Do they proffer solution to your health related problems?

Do they inform you so well?

Do my Health tutorials make things easy for you?

If they do, then nominate me as the Health writer of the year



Log on to, click on NOMINATE then follow the instructions.

 Here is a sample you can follow

FULL NAME: Anthony Chinedum

CATEGORY: Health writer of the year

BRIEF PROFILE OF THE NOMINEE: Anthony Chinedum is a health writer and a health blogger at A blog that is dedicated to helping individuals achieve healthy and active life with its practical information regarding health. His blog encompasses everything about health, as he is an authority (A Nutritionist) health tutorials, the first of its kind. He has written for Pharmascope magazine, the prestigious pharmaceutical magazine in University of Nigeria Nsukka, and other top health blogs in Nigeria and India.

Send it to this email address

You can as well add your own kind words and mention one of your favorite posts on my blog E.g. the post I made on Shisha smoking, how you got informed.

NOTE: Let your subject of the email be Nominate Anthony Chinedum.

I duff my Cap for you all my readers for the support so far.

Let’s win this together.

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