Jaw dropping health benefits of Zobo drink

The name “ZOBO” needs no introduction as it is a family name to both the rich and poor. To  some it is just Zobo juice but to some it is more than just a drink. Israel a friend of mine calls it the Nigerian Coca Cola, Lawrence called it a life saver, only few can relate to that name “Life saver” Zobo is always there when ever your pocket is dry and that 9ja sun is beating you with no common sense, with just 50 Naira the live saver comes to your rescue just as the Rochas Okorocha’s rescue mission government. I call it the Nigerian Coca Cola I don’t know for you, because virtually every Nigerian have had a taste of this drink directly or indirectly, if you have not then you have Mama Nkechi to blame.

zobo juice

One remarkable thing about this drink is that even without packaging just like other drinks such as bobo, viju milk, coca cola, without any publicity stunt or advert or even a company name this drink sells like Fufu. The taste stands out, so natural and ever refreshing after long hours of work I have no other option than to reach for a bottle of the life saver to calm my nerves. I am just like every other Nigerian who takes this drink for its taste and how affordable it is nothing more. I know that behind every successful man there is a woman so there is much more than just the taste of this drink which is that special property natures gives.

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I present to you the health benefits of being a consumer of this made in Nigeria product ZOBO aka Roselle plant juice. The Zobo leave contains the following nutrients:


Vitamin A


Vitamin B2








Health benefits of the Zobo juice

As a consumer of this amazing product and a full fledged nature ambassador you stand to gain the following from these nutrients:

From Vitamin C

Improved wound healing

Improved Teeth health

Improved immune system

Improved iron absorption

From Vitamin A

Improved Vision

Improved Tissue growth

From Calcium

Healthy teeth and bones

Strong muscles

Reduced cases of retardation in children

Image source: Quickmeme

Image source: Quick meme

I guess after reading all the benefits you will be itching to get a drink of this super juice, never you worry I got your back here is the simplified recipe of how to make this juice, if you follow the steps you will be able to achieve the same result at the end be you from United States, UK or Nigeria.

How to make Zobo Juice

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3 big cups full of Zobo leaf (Roselle plant)

1 ripe pineapple.

1 glove of garlic.

1 ball of ginger.

Enough water to last through the cooking period.

Get these things ready first

Wash the Zobo leaves with cold water so as to remove dust and dirt.

Peel the garlic and ginger then cut into small pieces.

Wash the pineapple, peel and cut into small pieces.


Put the washed Zobo leaves and pour enough water inside the pot

Put on the stove and start cooking for 7 minutes

At the 7th minute add the ginger, garlic and more water if required, and then keep boiling for 30 minutes till the leaves gets soft.

Put the pot down, and then allow to cool.

Put the pineapple and leaves out of the pot leaving the juice in the pot.

Pour the juice through a sieve to take out the large particles.

Pour again through a chiffon cloth this time to remove the tiny particles into a container of your choice.

At this point you can add a flavor of your choice. Get a flavor here.

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Hot Tip: This is supposed to be a healthy drink so ensure you use natural sweeteners like pineapple juice, honey etc.

Voola!!! your Zobo juice is ready.

Most times people prefer some other drinks synthetically made I mean to this very natural one Zobo, I don’t know what your reasons are but a look at what my comparison between the two drinks you might want to consider Zobo juice as one of your favorites.

Comparison between Zobo and other Synthetic drinks

Its sells for only #50 so affordable It cost much more than 50 bucks
It is 100%  naturally endowed Man -Made
The Health benefits are so numerous The health benefits are limited to its nutrients.


I guess i have done justice to this topic,the ball is now in your court. Choose wisely.



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