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Some individuals are very good at personal diagnosis .At every symptom or sign noticed they jump to conclusion it is this illness or it is that illness. The most confused symptom is that of fever which we often mistake for malaria. Individuals with other illness having fever most times end up concluding it is malaria which is not. My neighbor Festus was not left out as he had fever, quickly he rushed t a chemist shop and requested for a malaria drug. For weeks my man was busy gulping down malaria drugs without getting results. Finally he decides to go for a laboratory test only to find out he has pneumonia. Imagine the scenario 😥

Today we will be looking at that illness that comes with fever that we may often mistake for malaria. This I believe will save lives and reduce cost of treatment. See list below

Typhoid: Typhoid fever as is commonly called is caused by the salmonella Typhi bacteria. This usually begins like a cold, and then temperature goes up a little more each day. Sometimes Diarrhea and dehydration sets in.

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Hepatitis: this is of two types, the type A and B. The type B which is usually spread through blood transfusion from an infected person to another. The person losses appetite, feels nausea (vomiting) eyes and skin turns yellow, also the stool turns orange or brown. Above all the dominating symptom there is the fever, although it drops when the eyes turn yellow.

Pneumonia: this is an acute infection of the lungs it occurs after other respiratory illness such as measles. Did I just mention measles? Yea check my reasons here. Symptoms such as sudden chills, cough, chest pain, cold sores on the face or lips and pain in points. The fever begins with joint pain and other signs

Typhus: This illness is similar to typhoid as I mentioned earlier but totally different. The infection is transmitted by bites of lice, ticks and rat fleas. It begins like a bad cold, then after a week fever begins accompanied by headache and pain in the muscles and chest.

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Note: If the typhoid is spread by ticks, Definitely you will notice a large sore at the point of the bite and the lymph nodes near the bite will be swollen. Read my post on lymph nodes.

Brucellosis: This may sound strange to some but definitely this illness goes unnoticed until harm is done to the system. This is because its symptoms are always mistaken to be that of malaria. Symptoms such as headache and pains in the bones begins slowly and sweating at most nights. The fever/temperature rise seems moderate at night.

Rheumatic fever: This is a disease of children and young adults. It usually begins 1-3 weeks after the individual had sore throat. Symptoms such as pains in the joints, wrist and ankles or even shortness of breath in severe cases. Fever off course is part of the symptoms notices in this illness but only shows up after 10-15 days after the joint pain

Final words

All the above mentioned illness can be very dangerous if left unattended. Imagine a scenario where you have Hepatitis and for months you have been receiving treatment for Malaria for month. Mehn!!!! 😥  It is total disaster as malaria drugs will never take care of your hepatitis. It is therefore of utmost importance that we come to terms with the above mentioned illness as not to confuse their symptoms with another. It is at this junction I say to you dear readers to be sure of what is really wrong with your system visit the hospital for a laboratory test and symptoms are not just enough for diagnosis.

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