Nigerians and Dangerous skin whitening obsession

Bleaching,skin whitening or even call it light skinning they are synonymous with each other.The rate at which every young African wants to change their skin colour so bad is so alarming. I tried dismissing the feeling that Nigerians and black race is obsessed with bleaching i couldn’t cos of the news that trends online about bleaching,the most prominent of them all was that of Bukom-Banku of Ghana.The pictures of the bleached skin got me laughing  😀  😀 and at some point i got 😡  because the image i see was not appealing. Bankus’s stories was never enough for me so i quickly picked up my phone to ask my friend google.Words are not enough to explain the results my friend gave,so see the image below your selves


What a mess

The results in the above pictures shows that Nigerians have the highest number of women bleaching their skin in Africa having 77 percent against 59% in Togo.The drive or purpose behind you reducing the melanin concentration in your skin is still not justifiable if your answer for bleaching your skin is acceptability. for crying out loud i have never met any Nigerian rejected here in Nigerian or within the African region because of his or her skin colour. Some will mutter words like girls with light skin are more beautiful than their folks that is dark skin, all lies because i know our black is beautiful.Could the obsession be that light skinned boys or girls look have a more flawless look than those that are dark skin,if that is the case then why not take the natural way of making you skin flawless as recommended by Omotola here

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Possible Risk of skin lightning

Since these creams you apply contain hydroquinone,corticosteroids such as hydrocortisone they are most likely to cause:

➡ skin irritation and inflammation (redness and swelling)

➡  burning or stinging sensation

➡ itchy and flaky skin

➡ Melanin is produced as a response to UV radiation in order to prevent damage to the DNA in the integument. Individuals, who are exposed to UV light, such as the sun, will produce more melanin for protection. I wonder what will protect you again when you already reduced the one you have when bleaching

Final words

light skin or dark skin all is what nature offers therefore the early we come to terms with our colour the better it is for us. Bleaching our skin would not do us any good rather we should go back to more of creams and products made from natural materials than those that are just synthetic.Then to those that think bleaching your skin is the only way to get people’s attention and respect,sorry  🙄 receive some sense and start working on yourself rather than on your skin

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