Enjoy the new month with a recipe of wild spinach leaf soup AKA Affang soup

New month comes 12 times a year,you have a lot of occasions to remind your friends that you really care for them and wish them the best of luck in every aspect of their life.Today Dear readers Dietherapy247 will like to see that you enjoy the month of August with delicious meals that will brighten your day.The recipe i will be writing on a very delicious soup,a delicacy here in Nigeria and Africa at large”Affang soup. Although this soup is common among Nigerians it won’t be bad to see some of our readers from United states or India try out this soup following the recipe,surely you will keep coming for more. The main ingredient for this soup is the wild spinach leaf called Affang in Akwa Ibom,ukazi in Igbo.You can get this leave in our able vegetable shop here.

sliced Affang/Okazi leaves–one small bowel
Meat of your choice
water leaf
Palm oil
1 cord of stock fish
2 cooking spoon of crayfish
1/2 cup of palm oil
Water(desired Quantity)
salt-three pinch
2 cubes of maggi
pepper-Fresh is preferable

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Step1: To begin wash all the vegetables to b used.then pound the washed wild spinach leaf in a mortar to get a smooth look.
Still thinking why you should wash before pounding? see reasons here

Step2: Wash the meat,dry fish and periwinkles,then put into a pot,add all the seasoning to be used such as maggi,salt and pepper,then water which will serve the soup through out the cooking process.Lit the stove or the heat source you prefer,put the pot on it.

Step3: Monitor the water and ingredients already on the stove,once you notice that the water is boiling,it is time to add the palm oil(1 1/2) and stir well to make the mixture uniform.Allow to boil for 10minutes so the soup will thicken.

Step4: Add the grounded or pounded wild spinach leaf into the pot and leave to boil for 3minutes.

Hot tip: Addition of water leaf the water level will rise. Gradually we are getting there.

Step5: This time add the sliced water leaves and allow to cook for another 3 minutes

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Boom food is ready!!! you can enjoy the soup alone or with Garri/Eba or my dear FUFU
Hello  are you still having doubts if this soup is worth trying then a look at the health benefits of the main ingredient will convince you

Health benefits of Affang leave(wild spinach leave)

It is an excellent source of good cholesterol
Contains iodine that keeps you away from Goitre
it contains Amino acids that improves brain function
To crown it all it is rich in dietary fibre that encourages weight loss.

Enjoy the rest of your day

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