Must have health Apps in 2016

Virtually every human (adult) on earth owns a cell phone, these gadgets are not just devices of having fun but also are there to help one achieve a healthy and active life, when channeled in the right direction. Before the invention of mobile phones, dissemination of  information regarding health has always been the sole responsibility of health workers such as Doctors,Dietitians,pharmacists.This can be tasking for both the health worker and also the individual in need of such information who travels kilometers just to get a piece of information. Since the mobile phone invention things has got easier by as some app developers partnered with authorities in different branches of medicine to bring Apps which help to guide users through some things in the absence of a health worker.

Today Dietherapy247 brings to you dear readers the must have health apps selected based on their relevance and impact that these apps have made on peoples’ life. These Apps are both available on apple and android stores for download.

Medication Guide: App is the number one on my list. This App and their website have been helping the people with the right medications, the dosage of drugs, their interaction with other food materials and their side effect as well. This keeps track of the dosages of drug taken together with a feature of frequently asked questions about some drugs. This App is absolutely free on both apple and Google play stores.

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Food Diary/Calorie counter: this App is work occupying that space on your phone. It compares your caloric intake and output. It also provides you information on topics like weight loss, exercise, Diet, calories; etc.This App no doubt is loaded with feature that ensures healthy living. download here

Sleep cycle Alarm clock: Most times we are too busy to realize that our body is not getting enough rest as it should. Over time the lack of getting enough sleep begins to tell on our health and mood which is a very bad sign. The sleep cycle Alarm clock App works by making sure you wake up at the right moment. Give it a try today and thank me later. download here

First aid: this is another very useful App put together by the Red Cross society. As the name implies, this App is a life saver as it give a laid down details of what to do in that emergency situation. In addition this App comes an emergency dial feature got your back in case the situation is beyond what you can handle. To get this App you can as well text Get first to 90999

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Diet tracker: ladies seeking weight loss this good news for you as this fitness pal aka diet tracker is loaded with information that will help you achieve your weight loss goal. This App also gives info on how exercise affects your caloric intake. Download here

Bigoven: I personally cherish this app alongside my pro evolution soccer 2013. Bigoven is loaded with over thousand recipes, with Bigoven App on your phone making variety of dishes wouldn’t be an issue. This App allows users to connect with each other as you can share pictures of your meal with others especially celebrities on the platform. Download here

7 minute workout: one of the hardest things to do is getting into shape and losing weight. Having  no insight on which workout or exercise to do has been an issue and even when you have the list, how to go about it becomes the problem. The 7 minutes work out App surely will be of help when you run out of workout ideas. It also comes with a video tutorial video where you watch how each of the workout/exercise is performed. Download here

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Enjoy the rest of the day. STAY HEALTHY


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