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Every woman or man’s dream is to get married and raise wonderful kids with that special one. Nothing good comes easy that is why every healthy family has a solid foundation right from the day the couples knew each other. The journey to that promised land where every coupled reams of begins at that spot where he pops out the ring with the question “will you marry me” Your answer decides how healthy your kids are going to be and to some extent how happy the family will be.

The answer you give when is time to tie the knot affects your kids even up to when they are ready for marriage. I guess you must have come across a situation where intending couples even after wedding plans go their separate ways because of some trivial issue which would have been avoided if the two is informed about what we will be looking at today.

Genotype compatibility

Genotypes refer to hemoglobin constituent or A group of organisms sharing a specific genetic constitution. There are three main genotypes in humans namely AA, AS, SS. The above mentioned genotype determines the compatibility of two individuals as it comes to child bearing. Intending couples should be away if their genotype is compatible or suite for marriage before proceeding to the altar. Reason for this being that couples which genotypes that don’t match will have to face challenges that come with sickle cell disease. Read more about sickle cell disease here.

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Compatible genotype for marriage

AA marries AA=Excellent: This is an amazing combination. When your man’s genotype is AA and you AA voola!!! Your kids will all be AA and will not have to worry about compatibility when is time for their marriage. An individual with AA genotype can marry anyone with any genotype even one with SS.Genotype1

AA Marries AS= Very Good: This will give you kids with AS and AA genotype which is good. There will be issues when your kid with AS genotype marries fellow AS.I have AS genotype, this means am going to be married to an AA so my children can be free from sickle cell.  See the possible genotype of your kids below.


Genotypes that is not compatible for marriage

AS marries AS=Bad: Individuals with the mentioned genotypes is not compatible therefore should look for another alternative. There is a tendency that one of your kids will not escape sickle cell disease.

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See the cross below to show you what your kid’s genotype will look like.




As Marries SS= Very bad: Individuals like this should not be thinking about marriage unless they don’t have plans of bearing kid at all or have adoption in mind. For an AS with intention of bearing kids should look for a partner whose genotype is AA.

See the cross below to show you what your kid’s genotype will look like.



SS marries SS=Very very bad: Marriage shouldn’t cross the minds of couples with this genotype. If you care for your future kids find an AA. If you insist on the marriage, check the image below and see what genotype your kids will bear.Genotype5

I guess the above picture looks bad, so to be on a safe side, stick to an AA.

Note: Sickle cell is just an abnormality and individuals with it should not be ostracized as it can still be managed.

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Read more about sickle cell Here

Final words

While dating why not ask that your beau his genotype to avoid stories that touch the heart after so many years .How will you feel after 6 years of dating and is time for proposal and you get to know you two have the same genotype AS. Make out time intending couples to know how compatible you are if eventually the relationship will lead to marriage.

 Happy married life to all intending couples.




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