How to stop snoring

I hate it when someone disturbs my sleep with some funny sound. The most annoying thing back then in high school is having a roommate that snores even with him not knowing he does that. As a wife, having a husband that snores puts a strain to that relationship no matter how much you love him .So I put this piece to help some readers overcome this challenge.

Everyone snores occasionally, but if snoring occurs frequently then there is something wrong somewhere. Snoring is not just annoying but can cause fatigue during the day because when you snore definitely you won’t get enough sleep.

Frequent asked question about snoring

Why do i snore?

Answer: You snore because air can’t move freely through your nose and throat during sleep. This makes the surrounding tissues vibrate producing that funny but annoying sound.below are the ways you can stop snoring:

Quit smoking: This is easier said than done because I know smoking is addictive. Smoking especially the chemicals in the cigarette irritates the membranes and lining inside the nose and throat. This prevents air from passing freely thereby resulting to snoring.Get tips on how to quit smoking

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Lose weight: losing that extra fat around your neck can be the solution to your problem. The fatty tissues in the throat narrow the airways. Therefore losing some weight can work things out for you.

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Avoid sleeping pills: Taking sleeping pills before going to bed will get the muscles in the throat to get relaxed, when the tongue collapses to the back and blocks the air ways. Avoiding sleeping pills and other sedatives will help stop snoring.

Drink enough water: In my previous posts I stressed on the need for giving you body the amount of water it requires. Yet again the issue of snoring needs you to keep yourself hydrated. When you are dehydrated, the secretions in your nose and soft palate can become sticker. This definitely contributes to snoring. Therefore stay hydrated at all times.

Exercise: This will help burn some fat deposits around the neck this helps make the air ways free.

Try changing your sleeping Position: How you lie on your bed all these years while sleeping might be the cause of the snoring. When you lie on your back, the base of your tongue can relax you tongue back, then blocking the air passage. Next time try lying on your side.

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Off course how can I end this without listing the best medicine DIET that will help in this situation? Below are foods that will help remedying the situation:

Onions/Garlic: Adding onions to your daily diet will help, as this has an anti-inflammatory property. Garlic for instance helps reduce inflammation in the respiratory system thereby freeing the airways. For me I love to eat every meal with slices of onion on it.

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Pineapple: This is another anti-inflammatory food, not only this but the super taste of this delicious fruit makes it irresistible for both kids and adults. This tropical food can also help stop sagging of the breast. Try the smoothie is really amazing.

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Final words

No matter how much you love each other as a couple, snoring can be a barrier to your love. If you are the one awake at night as the other snores, why not give these ways a try and see how things works out just fine for you.

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