How to tell if you have a healthy weight

Welcome dear readers, I hope you enjoyed my last tutorial on how to check blood pressure. If you missed it read here. Today we will be looking at another interesting one that tells much about your health. This activity takes just a minute or less. Our tutorial today is on “how to tell how healthy your weight/height is”

Weight loss today has become the order of the day. Everyone wants flat tummy with 10 pack this the reason behind influx of some weight loss products, but no one is asking the necessary question if the current weight is healthy or not before embarking on that weight loss programme. The negligence comes with a devastating effect on individuals that enroll in weight loss programmes without knowing if their current weight is healthy for them.


There are two major ways to tell if you have a healthy weight. The first is Body mass Index AKA BMI. We will save the BMI story for another day but if you want to check your BMI scroll down to the end of this page, enter your weight and height then click on calculate.
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Another method is the “height to waist ratio” This method accounts for extra belly fat or pot belle, which is the key pointer to heart diseases and Diabetes. Our tutorial will be focused on the height to waist ratio.

What you will learn from this tutorial

You will learn how to tell if your weight is healthy and when to lose some weight

You will learn how to tell when you are at risk of heart disease and Diabetes.

How to check your height to waist ratio?

Get a long rope

Use the rope to get your exact height

Cut he rope at the point where it meets your height (head)

Then fold the rope into half

Wrap the rope you fold around your waist like a belt

step 1





NOTE:If the rope overlaps then you are good but if it doesn’t then you need to trim down as this may be pointing to risk of heart disease and diabetes.

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If you are still thinking if it necessary to trim down then read reasons why here

I hope you learnt something new today, share with your friends. You have a contribution to make? then use the comment box.

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