Foods Hypertensive individuals are to avoid

Non –communicable disease such as hypertension has been on the increase in Europe and other part of the world. In Africa for instance (Nigeria) high blood pressure or hypertension as is called contributes to over 45% of death we have every year. World health organization states that out of the 6 world region mapped out for the study, the African region has the highest prevalence of this disease. Having over 46% of them over 25 years of age found to have one form of non-communicable disease of which hypertension is part of.

The problem hypertension has caused over the years has been devastating as it leaves its victims no sign of its arrival mind you this is why hypertension is termed the silent killer. It gives no sign of its arrival until it must have done one damage to one organ of the body or the other. I give credits to some agencies for creating the awareness of the existence of this silent killer. As awareness is all we need to get people on their feet and acting fast. The urgent need to keep checking out blood pressure is exactly what we need as there is increasing number of prepackage goods filled with substances we know nothing about.

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The level of awareness has gotten to a point were some individuals even claim to cure hypertension. This is what I term WHITE LIE Asi ocha. Others turn to nutrition/dietitians overnight that they even  give a laid down meal plan for hypertensive patients who in turn pay a huge sum of money for such misinformation. Hypertension can be controlled or managed by working on the factors that contribute to the fluctuations in the numbers such as            .

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This post will we be more on the dietary side of managing hypertension, as I will be pointing out those foods to avoid when you want to manage and control high blood pressure. Check out the foods below.

Canned Tomato products: Fresh tomatoes are costly and only few can afford that but that is not enough reason for someone battling with high blood pressure to go for canned tomatoes products. Both the tomato sauce and juice are loaded with sodium such that a serving(a cup) contains 670miligrams. The number is not that bad but a serving cannot satisfy an individual so you tend to consume 2-3 cups which shoots up your sodium. If you want have hypertension you should consume in moderation or better still stay away.

 Individuals  that acquire wealth at the expense of their health will some time in the future spend their wealth to get health-Anonymous-



Noodle: A pack of an instant noodle contains a whooping sum of 1700mg of sodium as against 500mg the body needs to function. This number of sodium here is way too much for the body to handle so for anyone battling with or managing his/her blood pressure I advise you stay clear of noodles till things get normal. The sodium here is not the only reason to stay clear of noodles, the saturated fat it contains also is an issue here. A pack of 200grams gives off 8grams of saturated fat my friend a pack can’t quench your hunger so you go for more when you are doing this your Bp is busy rising so stay clear for now.

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Alcohol: The truth indeed is bitter. seeing alcohol on this list I know how you feel, everybody want to grab some beer but truth be told alcohol is a double edge sword. Drinking in moderation comes with benefits and also its consequences .For an individual with hypertension drinking alcohol in moderation can give you some benefits and as well inhibit the effectiveness of drugs you are taking for your condition. ASK Onyinye a pharmacist about this here. This is to say that having more than 2-3 drinks a day can cause a rise in BP not to talk of when you form the habit of getting drunk. In addition excessive drinking of alcohol can foster weight gain which contributes to complication in hypertension.

They are sweet but stay away

They are sweet but stay away

Sugars: weight gain has been one of the causes of high blood pressure. Sugary food material which is at the forefront of weight gain has also been associated with high blood pressure. What the above statement means for some individual with hypertension is that you stay clear of sugary food products such as confectioneries till your BP gets to normal.


Coffee: I guess this particular food product has been pointed accusing fingers for long now. This is true because the caffeine present in coffee cause an increase in blood pressure. It is worthy to note that a bag of coffee contains 100-150mg of caffeine. This is enough reason for a hypertensive individual to stay clear of this  better still go for green tea READ MORE HERE..In addition to this, energy drinks should also be taken in moderation. If you need energy go for a work or get some rest.

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Table salt: This is last on the list as is the commonest of them all. No doubt excess salt has been the leading cause of high blood pressure. The salt you use when cooking is enough for the body to function properly, getting another one on your table to be sprayed on an already cooked food is asking for too much. Some have formed it as a habit which we all know is not a step in the right direction.

 The salt you add when cooking your food is enough for the body to function properly. Adding more on the dining table is just asking for too much.

As the above foods are to be avoided, foods that contain potassium, magnesium and fiber are to be embraced. Details will come later in our subsequent posts.


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