Proven benefits of green tea

Have you had green tea this morning, Geez I can’t believe at this your age you still drink milk and not green tea, stop joor green tea has caffeine, wow you shape looks great was the secret? my sister is green tea oooo. Those were voices of some Nigerians testifying to one deed of green tea or the other. One thing is sure people are so Good in over hyping a product once its introduced. 2003 forever living product was over hyped now the product is no more ,are we going to see the same happen to green tea. Green tea is fast becoming a trend that people do take their normal pap with a bag now and not with milk as usual. Brands and celebrities are part of this as you see green tea brands having celebrities as their ambassadors.

This has raise some questions about this particular product .Does it measure up to those health benefits that people claim? Let’s find out below:

Green tea’s production does not involve the fermentation process this is the reason that the leaves and the bud retain much of the natural chemicals. This gives various benefits when consumed.

Anti –aging health benefits

The aging process cannot be prevented by any human strategy or product whatsoever but the process can be slowed down by working on the factors that brings aging. The causative factor in aging is free radicals .A naturally occurring substance produced by the body. That is to say our body produces free radical on daily basis but the concentration/number of these free radicals are increase by environmental factors such as excessive sunshine, some type of chemicals and pollution at some level.

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The buds and leaves of the green tea leaves contains a class of chemicals called CATECHINS. These chemicals slows down the increase in the free radicals the body produce by enhancing and improving the activity of Super oxide Dimustase,a body chemical that cleans up the free radicals from destroying body cells.

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As a doubting Thomas a friend of mine Festus once told me that the Chinese people and citizens of countries in Asia have the longest running list of world oldest men and women. As of the time of writing the article I went into research and I discovered that was true, the green tea we enjoy today has its origin in China. Chinese people having the oldest people on earth are no coincidence as these people have it as part of their daily meal to have a cup of green tea. This I have seen time even in their movies. So green tea I know can slow down the aging process.

Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Also these Cathechins in green teas acts as Hypolipidemics. They help lower the bad cholesterol and in turn increasing the good ones in the body called HDL. It is Worthy to note also that green tea contains Flavonols a substance that help in reducing occurrence of blood vessels hardening. This allows the easy flow of blood thereby preventing cardiovascular disease and other related illness.

Pictures speaks

Picture speaks

Weight loss

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This has been the centre of the hype green tea has been receiving by people. Most companies base the adverts on this particular benefits cos this is the major interest the market has. This tea with the help of Catechins, Theamine and caffeine has been able to lower the cholesterol level in the body therefore when combine with appropriate diet and exercise can be able to reduce weight. Did I just mention caffeine? This may be surprising to many but is good news anyway. A bag of green tea contains 25mg of caffeine as again the 100-150mg you find in coffee. This is the one of the reasons green tea is considered more healthy than coffee.

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Fresh breath

This is very practical. You can tell after taking a bag of green tea you breath seems so fresh as if you just brushed your teeth with close-up toothpaste. That feeling is right give kudos to the man fluoride that green tea also contains. Fluoride in addition has its anti-bacterial effects thereby preventing tooth decay as well.

Benefits for the skin

The founding fathers the Chinese people make use of green tea and its extracts to treat and prevent skin disease. Polyphenols one of the antioxidants in green tea is capable of fight of free radicals in the body before it gets o wreck its havoc on our skin. Applications of green tea extracts on the surfaces of the human body can help reduce the exposure to sun. This I have seen in the beaches round Lagos and its environs.

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A study conducted in 2003 at Georgia Medical College shows that green tea helps also to rejuvenate skin cells and helps protect against the ultraviolet damage to the cells.

The above listed suggests that green tea can have a tremendous effect on your health, but this I know can only happen when it becomes part of our daily meal for a long period of time.Cos green tea I know aren’t  no magician, so the early we develop the habit of healthy eating the better.


Do you want to share your views with us on green tea,then the comment box is for you.

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