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Muhammad Ali‘s passing brought this disease to limelight. Parkinson of which I know has been existing before now, but with the passing of Ali at 74 of which I know has he battled with for 32 years .The question now is what Parkinson disease, causes and cure is. Definitely everyone especially the men wants to know it all, a disease that the world greatest battled with, he put up quite a fight but it was not enough to put the disease down. So let’s take a a this man Parkinson

What is Parkinson’s disease?

Parkinson’s disease aka PD is a chronic and progress movement disorders. This entails that symptoms continue and worsens overtime. A revelation I find shocking. Parkinson involves the malfunction and death of vital nerve cells in the brain.

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FACTS: do you know no fewer than 90,000 Nigerians live with Parkinson disease-Dr Njideka Okubabejo

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PD is as a result of degeneration in the brain cells thereby reducing the amount of dopamine produced in the body. Genetic and environmental factors contribute to this .Uptill date no research has been established to support the above causes. In other words no clear causes of Parkinson have been found.

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Since no clear research has proven useful in finding the cause of PD, then it is deemed necessary that we all get familiar with the symptoms of Parkinson as this will ensure survival when it strikes. The symptoms are as follows:

Shaking: A Parkinson patient I know has been shaking on several occasions I see him write. The shaking of the legs, hands or even cheeks points to PD.The shivering you get in the rainy days is not a symptom

Loss of smell: If you realize you no longer perceive the aroma of your favourite meal while you eat especially ones with strong aroma. You should seek medical attention.

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Stiffness: stiffness noticed at the joints, arms and legs is a pointer to PD.If you notice that lately walking down the street has become a big deal, then is time you get yourself checked in the nearest hospital.

Masked face aka Stone face: I have seen some grand pa still frown to the comedian basket mouth jokes. This keep I wondering if the joke is not funny enough or the man doesn’t just give a shit.Now I know why. If you have an elderly person a home with such face you should take a step to see what really the problem is.


No particular cure has been found for Parkinson disease than the normal dopamine therapy in use. Early diagnosis by watching out for the symptoms increases chances of survival. this is very evident in Ali’s case who lived with the disease for 32 years.along side the dopamine therapy patients receive in hospital quite a number of food materials can also help remedy the situation foods listed below contain tyrosine which boosts the production of dopamine in the body, exactly what is need both in prevention and management of this disease condition.

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The foods include:


Beet roots




Gingko biloba

Keep sharing this information so we help each other kick out Parkinson disease out of our generation


I guess you have something to say,your experiences? then share using the comment box.

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