Alternatives foods for tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of most costly food items you can get in the market. The last time I checked a bunch of 5 seeds costs #100 as against 10 seeds for the same price before. The funny part is that tomatoes now cost much more than apples “truly no body wey no fit make am “as Patoranking would say. Only a few out of millions of average Nigerians that earn #18000 as monthly salaries, with some been owed 3 months salary by the state governments can afford this. Nigerians can related to this cos the last time I used tomatoes was last two weeks Sunday and am already missing it this much. Tomatoes I know makes the top 20 list of world healthiest food. See here, so we are not just missing the tomatoes but also the nutrients it contains alongside the health benefits of each of them.

So touching

So touching

What this means is with time if the issue of price hike/scarcity of tomatoes is not addressed Nigerians we will be experiencing nutritional deficiencies, most especial in nutrients like vitamin A, E, K, C lycopene potassium and the rest of them .In my little way of helping I compiled a list of other food items that can give you almost the same percentage of nutrients found in tomatoes and Guess what? These foods are readily available and cheap. Bad belles will be like Photocopy cannot be like the original. Yes I know but for the time being the food listed below will keep you far away from getting deficient of these nutrients. My friend once said if you apply for an admission in UNILAG and you got turned down won’t you move to LASU? Follow me think am ooo.

These foods can give nutrients tomatoes give

These foods can give nutrients tomatoes give

Foods to eat when there are no tomatoes

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Water melon: This succulent fruit contains lycopene that tomatoes do. The lycopene in water melon is responsible for the deep red colour which comes with a health benefit of fighting off diseases(Antioxidants)

Onions or milk: onions and milk contains vitamin A which keeps our eyes healthy in a proportion tomatoes do. You can’t risk night blindness just because of bad economy. Get one today

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Green leafy vegetables: vegetables such as fluted pumpkin have in them a great number of dietary fiber and vitamin E.The latter aids digestion.

Amaranthus AKA green: it has a fair share of calcium which keeps our bone and teeth strong. It is very common in the rural areas or better still in our home gardens if you have one oooooo,cos our home gardens have  all been replaced with swimming polls now, if you don’t then i guess is time you visit Mama Nkechi.

Carrot: Every mallam in Eke Onuwa market in Owerri knows me now since the tomato scarcity/hike in price started. Carrot is a good source of potassium along side bananas.Both is good for the heart.

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Cabbage: If you already developed the habit of enjoying a meal with cabbage especially with rice thumbs up you are on the right track. Blood will clot fast any time you have a wound.

Let’s keep or hands crossed in prayer that things will get better, for now try to stick to the list if you can’t afford tomatoes every week

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