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My visit to a Facebook page yesterday June 1st I came across this particular post where our ever young and award winning actress omotola Jalade Ekeinde MFR revealed the lotion behind her flawless skin. A fan on her page Uju Onyia asked Omotola the cream she applies on her skin that keeps her skin glowing. Omotolas’s reply was epic and shocking to some that think beauty is expensive. She simply replied and i quote “ I use a baby lotion and I also use coconut oil…..Drinks a lot of water”


See the Chat between Omotola and Uju

This time you all have heard from the horse’s mouth. Some weeks ago I published a post on the benefits of drinking water Read here . Among the benefits I listed was the ability of drinking water to keeping your skin ever fresh,Omotola has testified to this. People who stick to nature have every right to reap its fruit. Beauty is not expensive, all what you need is look around and see what nature has to offer, models or not.

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Everything as it relates to healthy living all points to what goes down your mouth. Your diet says it all Beauty queens to be, models wanting to excel in the industry you definitely need to watch what you eat. Who will ever believe that  drinking enough water has something to do with your skin beauty, that our very own baby lotion, coconut oil ude aki as we call it will have such tremendous effect on your skin? I  know of some ladies that makes use of channel precision sublimate serum essential regenerating cream which costs a whooping sum of $375 but still look like baboons. ouchh!!! truth hurts


My sister receive some sense

My sister do you need a prophet to tell you that you need to try the natural ones? Don’t get me wrong here, synthetic cosmetic products are great but a times is good/safe to stick with what you know.10 decades ago when we have our coconut oil aka udeaki in every pharmacy stores, our baby lotion in every corner of the market how often do you hear of skin cancer and skin related problems? For me I never heard of such till the introduction of so called cosmetic products. I guess omosexy held onto the ude aki and her skin has been smiling why not join her by going natural for once men and ladies alike.

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