How to get rid of dandruff.


Dandruff is a common scalp condition accompanied by flaking of the scalp. This isn’t that contagious but dear friends’ having one is embarrassing. Everyone has a story to tell about dandruff but I know you will be too shy to do that, I will share mine. That embarrassing moment for me courtesy of dandruff was back in 2012 when I went to a haircut saloon. The hairstylist on making the first swing with his clipper on my hair and said these word “Guy you get Dandruff oooo” words alone cannot convey how I felt that moment,cos my crush was nearby. Check the meme below.

So embarrsing

See Problem

My grandma traveled miles just to get one black substance which at that time stopped the flaking. I embarked on a search on readily available remedy for dandruff ever since that embarrassing encounter at the haircut saloon and finally I got one. Trust me it is 100% natural as the nature ambassador concern. This tested and trusted remedy involves the use of a naturally endowed fruit LEMON. Lemon is very effective when it comes to dandruff treatment because

  1. It contains vitamins and antioxidants that promotes healthy hair and scalp.
  2. It contains Vitamin and citric acid that fights dandruff.
  3. Anti-fungal properties
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Get a ripe lemon, cut into two halves.

Rub the lemon directly on your hair, squeeze gently as you rub.

Rub on your hair for 10-15 minutes

Wash off with water

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Lemon and Garlic juice approach

Wait oo what is garlic doing here? Yea garlic made the list because it contains Allicin,a fungal/bacteria fighting substance.


Squeeze the lemon to get the juice

Crush the garlic to make a powder

Mix the garlic powder and the lemon juice

Apply the mixture on the hair

Then wash off after 40 minutes with water.

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Lemon juice with olive oil method

The mixture of lemon juice and olive oil will surely do the magic no matter how stubborn the dandruff may seem. The olive oil will keep the scalp moisturized while the lemons do the fighting with the fungus and bacteria.

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Apply a little heat to the olive oil

Mix the warm olive and lemon juice measuring with a teaspoon

Apply on your hair and scalp, and then wash off after 1 hour.

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See Lie

Even after reading this some ladies and gentlemen will still not give this a try. Some will say I don’t have dandruff, I will be like “then what is that white thing on your hair?, the Oga will say nah my foam do am. Some people can lie for a living LOL!!!!


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