Happy children’s day

Today 27th may 2016,the world celebrates the children in a very special way. Dietherapy247 celebrates with all the kids today, Nothing feels better than watching your child grow in good health. Healthy growth can only be guaranteed when proper care is given. This entails tutoring them on ways of taking care of themselves, what to eat and others. A child’s performance both in school and at home all points back to how a child is cared for. This is why your child deserves proper care and attention. To celebrate the kids in a very special way, we will take a close look at some brain boosting healthy foods.

Avocado: This healthy food is naturally endowed with omega 3 fatty acids. This improves blood flow to the brain which in turn enhances brain ability. The child can eat it whole or still spice up things by making a bread sandwich out of it, some of us call it using avocado as butter. Let’s leave butter for now try avocado with bread I assure you your child will like it.



Vegetables: I remember my mum putting steamed fluted pumpkin leaf on my rice in my lunch box. Ever wondered what the vegetables are doing there? Vegetables are very good sources of antioxidants vitamin E. These antioxidants protects the brain cell membranes from damage. You can spice things up by making a vegetable juice as well.

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Eggs: Keep that egg for the kids!!!These are words I hear from my mum calling on my dad to leave the eggs for the kids know you must have witnessed the same. Generally eggs have been known to be nutritious most especially for the kids here is the reason: Eggs contain Choline,a nutrient that is essential for brain development and memory function.Choline not only improve brain development but also supports nerve function and muscle movements. Other foods that contains Choline includes: beef, fish, vegetable oil, chicken etc.

Happy children’s day wizkid,wizboy,kidakudz,kidconnect and all the kids in the house. LOL!!!!




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