What your Urine Colour Says about Your health


The human urine for long now has served as a useful tool in diagnosis of certain health challenges or diseases. No wonder the human urine is requested for in any medical laboratory you visit, in a situation where there is no laboratory the human urine still gives information on your health status. You can tell this through the odour, density and smell of your urine.

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Most a times the colour the urine bears is that of a colouring from a fruit you eat e.g. carrot or berries and does not always indicate a particular disease.

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Reddish/pinkish colour: This indicates that blood is present in the urine and this could be a symptom of many diseases that pose threat to human life. Such as kidney disease, urinary tract infections and tumors as well as kidney injury, prostrate cancer etc.Do not hesitate once your see blood in your urine seek medical attention.

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Transparent/colourless: if your pee is completely clear, this may be due to lot of waster you drink. No cause for alarm because water can’t harm you unless you are forcing yourself to drink.

Brown Ale colour: This simply indicates that the body is dehydrated. However this is worth seeking medical attention as it also points to liver problem. Drinking enough water can solve the dehydration (see the healing power of water) issue but still you need medical attention to get everything under control.

Foamy: if your urine looks so foamy not minding the colour, is time you do something about it because this may be pointing to kidney problem as the foamy look is due to the presence of protein.

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Dark Yellow: This colour of urine most a times is normal but it also shows a high concentration of urochrome but with little intake of water things will become normal. After several days of taking water and this colour still remains visit the nearest hospital to get checked. Other colours of urine include orange, blue but these are rarely seen.

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The normal human urine looks pale in colour. Remember early diagnosis of disease goes a long way of saving life more than late diagnosis, do not hesitate to visit the hospital once you notice any change in your system.



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