Shocking revelation!!!!!

OMG!!!!!!!! That was my reaction when I heard this shocking news. I bet you after reading this you will think twice before visiting any public swimming pool. The center for disease control (CDC) states that the only reason your eyes gets red after swimming in a pool is that the chlorine in the pool mixed with ammonia in urine producing Chloramines. CDC also explained that the smell of chlorine you perceive in some public pools is not actually chlorine but that smell comes from a mixture of pee, sweat, dirt or even poop from people, then with chlorine .You will keep wondering where does all these poops and urine come from? Poops and urine don’t just fall from heaven they are not heaven sent, people who go to the people leave these things there.

swimming pool

Will you call this a swimming pool?

Our concern here is that this chloramines formed pose some threat to human health.Chloramine  irritates the respiratory system especially among children.(asthma patients take note).Chloramines apart from irritating the eyes  and turning them red, it also cause rashes, itching krokro or oko junction as Igbo’s may call it, scaring and even cracks in the skin.

Check this out  Read this before you say yes to him/her

If you are not bothered about the dangers it poses to your health, the thought of the poops,pees and sweat will surely make you think twice, Visit a standard pool anytime you want to swim or better still build one at home.

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