Checkups during pregnancy


Pregnancy comes with its responsibilities and when a pregnant woman, family and friends fails to take up their responsibility, the outcome is always devastating. This post will help both the pregnant woman, friends and family members to get ready for the safe arrival of the baby.Reading this you will learn the following;

How to tell the date you are likely to give birth

How to tell the position of the baby in the womb

How much weight gain is normal?

Danger signs to look out for and what to do.

How to tell the date you are likely to give birth

I am so excited to share this secret so many midwives use to tell when you are likely to give birth, so sit tight as I drop the gist.

Get a calendar=Start with the date the last menstrual period began (this is before you realized you are pregnant probably February 14th for some ladies winks…) subtract 3 months and add 7days. it looks confusing right? This will help

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Supposing your last period began May 10

May 10-3months=February.

February 10+ 7days= February 17

Boom!!!! Your baby is likely to be born around February 17.Note that this date is not certain but likely to be. This now suggest that within this date you go to the hospital for delivery is safer than staying at home when the labour starts.

How much weight gain is Normal?

Weight gain during pregnancy is normal but the question here is how much weight gain is healthy? The normal weight gain is between 8-10 kilograms during the whole nine months of pregnancy. This is to say if you weigh 50 kg before getting pregnant throughout the nine months your weight should range from 58-60kg.

How to tell where the baby is facing

To ensure the safe delivery of your baby, pregnant women should note downs these points. After 5 months, get your ear against the belly and listen carefully. If the baby’s heartbeat is loudest below the navel, this means that the baby is facing down but if the sound of the heartbeat is loudest above the navel this means the baby is facing upwards.

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Dangers to look out for in pregnancy

The earlier the pregnant woman, relatives, caregivers or friends realize these signs the better. The human system has a way of sending message to us once something goes wrong. In the case of pregnancy the signs are as follows:

Sudden weight gain.

Severe bleeding or blood loss.

Quantum increase in blood pressure.

If you stop gaining weight.

Action: once you notice these signs do not fail to report when you visit the hospital, but how will you know when you stopped gaining weight? Go get yourself a bathroom scale. Pay special attention to your diet this is where people get wrong.

I hope you learnt something new today so keep sharing this so we all stay healthy together. To all pregnant women I wish you safe delivery.


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