Brain Boosting foods for kids.


The little man/woman begins to put the brain to good use from day one day till he/she turns adult. From the 24th month critical thinking begins to come in, the child begins to ask questions to solve problems. Questions like how do I get to that toy car? How to stand up? How do I run away? All these are pointers that the brain is at work. Mothers do help to get their child’s brain well developed by reading stories to them, helping the child to mention few words like daddy. These are good but not the only way of getting the brain developed, feeding the baby right goes way beyond theses activities. Off course feeding the child right is not a guarantee that your child will clinch the first position in school but I will say right feeding is a good start for that.

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Vegetables: I remember my mum putting steamed fluted pumpkin leaf on my rice in my lunch box. Ever wondered what the vegetables are doing there? Vegetables are very good sources of antioxidants vitamin E.These {antioxidants} protects the brain cell membranes from damage. You can spice things up by making a vegetable juice as well.

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Eggs: Keep that egg for the kids!!!These are words I hear from my mum calling on my dad to leave the eggs for the kids know you must have witnessed the same. Generally eggs have been known to be nutritious most especially for the kids here is the reason: Eggs choline nutrient that is essential for brain development and memory function. Choline not only improve brain development but also supports nerve function and muscle movements. Other foods that contains Choline includes: beef, fish, vegetable oil, chicken etc.

Soybeans: This name rings a bell in ear of every human from this part of the world. My entire childhood, soybean has been part of my diet even now, because I enjoyed a soybean milk the last time I visited mum. Most mothers use it to compliment milk.Soybeans contain omega 3 essential fatty acids. These are healthy fats that maximize a child’s intellectual potential. A study published in American journal of clinical nutrition August 2013, children who consumed more of omega 3 fats always score higher in vocabulary and testing (age 3-5).I will keep saying the moment we go back to the old healthy ways we feed, then can some health challenges we face today will be resolved.

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Sugar or honey


A sieve rubber sieve

A cloth like sieve

A blender.


  1. Soak the soybean seed in water for 7 hours
  2. Rinse the seeds with water and rub against your hand. this is to dehull the seeds.
  3. Sieve out the chaffs leaving the seed only (this may take time)
  4. Blend the soybean seed with some water as you desire
  5. Using the cloth like sieve now, separate the blended portion and milk. Pour water as you squeeze the blended portion to get the milk.
  6. With the milk out now, boil in a pot for 15-20minutes then sieve again.
  7. Add sugar/honey .then serve warm or cold.

Rice/Whole grains: This belongs to the complex carbohydrate group. Complex carbohydrates are crucial to the brain’ functioning. They serve as the energy reserve of the brain. Carbohydrate when broken down to glucose supplies the body with energy mostly the brain.

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Avocado: This healthy food is naturally endowed with omega 3 fatty acids. This improves blood flow to the brain which in turn enhances brain ability. The child can eat it whole or still spice up things by making a bread sandwich out of it, some of us call it using avocado as butter. Hope you found this piece of writing useful. Why not put it to practice and see the results.


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