The Healing power of water


Most of us can live without medicine, but no can live without water. In fact over half the human body is made of water. if everyone makes best use of water I think the amount of sickness and death especially of children could probably be reduced. If not for any other reason, the fact that the fluid the body loses during exercise, excretion, breathing should be replaced is enough reason to have a glass.[Read water includes ad a healthy food]. Below are the reasons to keep drinking water at least 8 glasses a day depending on the weather.

Drinking water helps maintain fluid balance: The body is wholly made of water, these fluid plays a role in digestion, circulation, transportation.water is lost through our sweat during exercise, urinating breathing and other forms and these fluid lost needs to be replaced. When the body is low on fluid the brain triggers the body thirst mechanism and when this happens, you feel thirsty. You should respond to this cue by getting a glass of water as to keep the body fluid in balance.

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Water helps give the skin a fresh look: When you do not have enough water in your system (dehydration)the skin looks more dry and wrinkled but with proper hydration the kidney take charge and excrete fluids making the skin look fresh.

It helps maintain normal bowel movement: Have you noticed that the any day you do not have enough water, defecation will be hell for you but this exercise becomes much easier when you have enough water in your system or better still have eaten fruits high in moisture content. When you don’t get enough water for your system, the colon pulls water from stools to maintain hydration and this result to constipation.

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Water helps energize our muscles: Ever wondered why you get too tired when you feel thirsty? Cells in the body tend to shrink when they don’t get enough water especially the muscles cells. This reason some athletes keeps water bottle by their side.

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It aid concentration : any day you don’t get enough water concentration will be far fetched. Dehydration causes shrinking of the brain tissues.

Water keeps our kidney working: Kidney helps in waste removal, blood pressure control and fluid balance. One of the Dietitians I worked with once told a patient if you want to avoid kidney stones drink enough water.

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Water protects our joints and cartilages: Water keeps the cartilages around our joints hydrated this ensures that our joints are lubricated. Water do the same job grease do on gears.

Another tremendous quality of water is that it serves as a medium through which toxins and harmful substances produced in the body is removed through the sweat, urine and faeces.

Give your body the water it needs to function properly and see it do the magic, sometimes is not that you are sick just that your body needs water.

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