Mango peel can burn that fat


Mangoes back in the 90s served the purpose of an appetizer and even dessert in some homes mostly in the rural area and I still remember we eat it whole both the flesh portion and the peel. I also can remember of not hearing much about cancer, stroke and other diseases as we hear now. You will begin to wonder where all these disease emerge from, come to think of it some health problems and challenges we face now are due to lifestyle and environmental changes. Our grand mums and grand dads consumed most of what they get from their garden and farms fresh, but now what we see is prepackaged foods everywhere.

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The mangoes we eat then, we eat it whole both the peel but now the trend has changed, every kid now thinks that putting away the mango peel is the right thing to do.Do you know that mango peel you just threw away can help prevent an extra flab .Mangoes generally has its own health benefits (read here) but our main concern here is with the mango peel we toss away each time we eat mangoes.

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Research coming out of University of Queensland School of pharmacy explains that the skin/peel of the mango fruit is the key to weight loss. The findings shows that the content in the peel works as reservatol also found in red wine that burns fat. The compounds in the mango peel on several occasions have been found to regulate the receptor modules that control amount of cholesterol in the blood. This same compounds helps stabilize certain types of fatty compounds in the blood.

After reading this and you still want to throw that mango peel away? Think again



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